How to keep family united with modern day demands?

How to keep family united with modern day demands?

The modern generation faces a lot of challenges when it comes to maintaining a family. Parents are both racing towards making a better future and often miss out on the happiness that they could share today. There is an abundance of materialistic things and funny drinking quotes but seldom time to share them with others. Here, we give you a few small tips that can keep your family together.

Tips to keep your family more united

Check out some easy tips to keep the family together and united:

  1. Eating together

This is a long-known technique that is backed by the phrase “family that eats together, stays together”. However, not many people believe it! The truth is that it actually works that way.

The family that at least shares one meal together gets 20-30 minutes of time to interact, see how everyone is feeling, how they spent their day, and so on. Dinner is the perfect time to eat together and understand how their day went and what’s coming next.

Many times, neglecting each other not only depresses members within the family but also distances them. A meal is a perfect time to unwind and discuss life.

  1. Take out time

It could be a Sunday that everyone awaits or sometime within the week when you can do something together. It can be walking your pet dog with your kids or teaching them origami.

Both parents must come together and indulge in an activity that not only teaches a new skill but also helps bond better. It doesn’t have to be everyday or for long hours but once or twice a week for a couple of hours is a must.

  1. Keep a check on each other

Say you opened your child’s school notebook and saw his class work on a particular day. Even if you know how he is doing, ask him about his experience and see what he shares.

Your teenage daughter might be big enough to style herself, but you can always give her an input and make suggestions.

Spouses must take out time to ask each other how their day went to share the sorrows and smiles together.

  1. Make an activity routine

Decide what you’re going to do for the weekends in advance to keep everyone anticipated. Children are often so keen on weekends that it keeps them going all through the week.

The routine also helps you remember how you’re going to spend the activity day and meet the necessary requirements for it.

  1. Shop together

Don’t just shop for toys and clothes, but shop for home improvement, groceries, and other things that build togetherness. Making a house feel homely is extremely essential to keep the family united and happy.

Take your children out to the store and show them how food is arranged. Let them understand the value of tiny things that make a home and they will soon take up responsibilities to help you.

  1. Do chores together

You can always eat out at a restaurant and spend some money on savory treats. However, when you cook with your child and spouse, they understand the difficulty it takes to do the chore.

You can slowly involve other chores like someone can take up gardening and someone can take the dog for walking, and so on.

You must never take all responsibilities on your own or put it all on your domestic help. Diving chores among the people of the house help them feel more belonged.

  1. Spend occasions at home

If you’re one of those couples who cannot spend much time at home or with your children, celebrate occasions indoors. It is another smart way of bonding within the house and among the family, rather giving outdoor attractions more importance. Also, be sure to give each other extra space and maintain integrity and respect for room space; create more space with a loft conversion says spokesperson for New line Construction – this may be the key to keeping sane in shared spaces together!

  1. Pray together

Right before or after your dinner, you can take out 10 minutes to pray for each other and share thankfulness. You can also meditate together if not pray but make sure you share meaningful values that shaped up your life.

  1. Be close to relatives

Most of us have a nuclear family and many expect children to live separate once they are above 18. It does make people more independent and self-sufficient, but we always need people to count on and vice versa.

You could meet your extended families for Easter and Christmas, but it is essential to stay united. Be it through family WhatsApp groups or Facebook comments, it is important to have people around. It helps you count on each other during tough times and helps children understand the importance of the relationship.

  1. Never compare kids

One of the basic mistakes that parents tend to do is comparing their children. Every child is unique and cannot be compared with the each other. You need to appreciate what they can do and get them better with the things they can’t.

  1. Teach value for money

Not only kids but even elders need to understand and appreciate the value for money. When you teach value for money, it helps everyone in the family appreciate the breadwinner and the sacrifices they do.

When you discuss earnings or expenditures, everyone understands how a family is run. Together, you can discuss and decide how to manage money better.

  1. Resolve issues

Every family has problems that are not just external but also conflicts that happen among each other. Perspective will not always match and sometimes be difficult to differentiate from right and wrong.

It is essential to stick to things that are morally right and it is also important to resolve problems. If you and your spouse resolve matters with discussion and not quarrel, you will teach the next generation to do so too.

Always look for solutions and that will teach your children the right way to resolve issues. By doing this there will be fewer fights and more unity.


A house can only become a home when the members take an initiative to love and care for each other. What you do for your kids and spouse is exactly how they will return the favor and learn lessons for life.

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