How to keep a child away from medicine

How to keep a child away from medicine

As a parent, you are always concerned about the well-being of your children and therefore any symptom can be frustrating. When your child is sick, he or she might not be able to attend school and sickness affects the growth patterns. Therefore, how can parents keep their children away from taking medicines?

     1. Teach the Children the Importance of Washing  their Hands Frequently

Hand washing is a practice that should be encouraged not only after visiting the toilet, but it should be a regular exercise. The hands will pick germs from the things the children touch, while they are playing with others, and collect dust as they walk around and these can cause a serious allergy that affects the well-being of your children. To encourage the children to always wash their hands, place hand washing detergents and water near them and next to the entrances. Hand washing should also be practiced in schools.

     2. Encourage Imaginative Play and Exercising

Physical exercise is also important to the health of your kids. In fact, the lack of play at childhood is likely to result in childhood obesity and other serious illnesses. A playful kid is also a sign of healthy and so it should always be encouraged. Whether at home or in school, the parents and teachers need to encourage imaginative play and exercising.

     3. Offer Children Healthy Meals and Snacks

A healthy diet is the bedrock of good health. This is according to Josie a family physician at Cleveland Clinic and Wellness Institute. Nutritionists will also share the same sentiments regarding keeping your children healthy. Therefore, always teach your children to eat healthy food and avoid too much junk food that can lead to weak bodies. Pack healthy foods for your kid’s lunch and remember to include fruit in their meals. The children who eat healthy food have sharper brains compared to those who do not eat healthy foods. The parents should learn about the importance of balanced foods in their children’s diet. When choosing snacks, pay attention to those that provide the kids with nutrients and energy.

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     4. Teach them the Important Healthy Habits to Keep Cold and Flu Away

Cold and flu are some of the illnesses reported among children, your allergy doctor encourages that the children bedrooms are kept dust free and that you air their beddings often to kill the dangerous allergens. Your children need to learn the importance of these habits in order to keep diseases away. Therefore, take them through healthy habits like not sharing utensils w3ith people who have flu and colds.

     5. Make Sure they Are Getting Enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue among children. It is important for the parents to ensure that their kids are getting enough sleep every day. Therefore, focus on making their beds more comfortable and make sure that they maintain a regular sleeping time to assist them in falling asleep faster. Sleep is very important not only for the physical and emotional health but also helps them to perform well in exams.

     6. Treat Early Symptoms

Parents should pay close attention to their children’s health. Immediately after picking them from school, ask them how the day was. They are likely to remember everything affected their learning that day. In case your child shows some symptoms, do not let that go untreated. Regular checkups will also work positively towards children health. You can watch for signs like stress, child sweating excessively at night, flight attacks while asleep and several other signs.

Those are the important tips for ensuring your children do not fall ill often. Remember to keep the children clean and their beddings clean to keep them away from the allergy doctor.

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