7 Beneficial Things to Help You Hire Your First Employees

7 Beneficial Things to Help You Hire Your First Employees handshake

Starting your own business isn’t a walk in the park, well that’s an obvious thing. Moreover, when you decide to venture into the corporate world, it’s like you’ve opened a box of a puzzle and chose to put the pieces together on your own.

As a start-up business owner, you may feel like you’re in need of assistance, a lot of it – especially when it comes to eventually fill in the seats of the workplace. Hiring is one of the most crucial and trickiest parts of being a business owner and it’s a double or triple harder when you’re new in the industry. Well, if you can relate here, don’t worry because you’re completely covered. So, what are you waiting for? Let the hiring season begin!


Don’t wait for the full moon to show up – start hiring as soon and as early as you can. Given that you’ve surpassed the first page of opening up a business (which is making the idea of “having a business” possible), then it’s time for you to start welcoming new people onto your beloved business.

Because the thing is, there are more companies who are looking for potential employees to fill in their job vacancies – So, the big tendency is, you also have competitors in fishing your most potential employees to help you bring growth and progress to your business.


One thing that will make you attract more potential job applicants is to have a compelling job post. A job post is the one that broadcasts that you’re selling a job, or you’re offering a job. Under your job post, the details needed must be clear and concise enough so to avoid the creation of confusion to your target audience.

To make a job post, you have to determine what positions you need in the workforce that you’re building in. Below are the steps which you can follow in creating your first-ever job post.

  • Provide the Job Title (be specific or direct to the point: e.g. Accountant, Auditor, and Secretary).
  • Provide details regarding the benefits that the applicants can get once they get hired.
  • Create a section where you can tell why they should apply to your company.
  • Give them your company’s location, provide landmarks and contact numbers especially e-mail address where they can reach you easily and formally.
  • Tell something about your start-up business – your niche, your background, your company’s projects, partnerships, and everything under the sun about your company that the applicants might want to know.
  • Give them a clear application process – whether it will be online or should they go personally to your office.
  • Make it more interesting than the traditional job ads. Make other people read it so you could know whether you would reach for your target audience successfully. Is the tone friendly? Is the layout an eye-pleasing and attention-seeking?

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It’s understood that in the first months of your business, you’ll be lacking HR Support to help you in hiring your most potential future employees – unless you hired your friends to take the said role. Whatever the case is, if you’re not aware, outsourced HR support does exist – which is very timely and convenient for those who are only in the first pages of their business journey.

This isn’t something to be afraid of trying, hence, it’s a must-try since it’s really a great help especially that you’re still trying to figure things out little by little about the corporate world. They can provide you with an excellent assistance in hiring or assessing your job applicants, and they also offer any HR services that you might possibly need. If you want the hiring process to go smoothly and to lessen your workloads, then this is something that is highly suggested for you to do.


Every hiring process must be provided with a good set of job interview questions to clearly filter the applicants effectively. Also, the provided job interview question will slowly help you see the potentials or the capacity of the job applicants whom you’re interviewing.

Here are the most common or the most encountered sets of job interview questions that might help you in your interview process.

  • “What can you tell me about yourself?” / Tell me about yourself – This question will be your first bullet to hit your desired results. The answers must contain relevant details regarding the applicants’ personal information, such as his/her educational background, family background, skills and hobbies and anything that may easily convey the applicants’ personality.
  • “Why should I consider hiring you?” or “What makes you qualified for the job?”– This question deserves an honest to goodness answer. The job candidates may evaluate their possible contributions in the company.
  • “Where do you see yourself five years from now?” – As you ask the job applicants this question, you may want to see their willingness to pursue his/her career in your company.
  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses and how you balance both?” – Upon asking this question you might want to unveil deeper information about the applicants. Also, you might want to see or know how they overcome their weaknesses and how their strengths can contribute to the development of the company.
  • “What are your expectations in the workforce and the workplace?” – This question may help you know whether the applicant is an introvert or an extrovert. This will help you determine whether they’re good at working alone or good to work with the team.


The potential and skills that the job applicants may be able to offer or share to you and your company must be one of the things you might want to keep in mind. This is to see if they can be a great asset to what’s you’re baking in the oven.

Moreover, being aware of their potentials and skills may give you a heads-up on where you can put them – whether in this department or that. You may also be introduced on what to nurture within that person you’re eyeing for a certain position in your company.


Decision-making can either make you or break you. That just means that whatever decision you make, it may affect your business or your company – good or bad, face the ramifications.

You may assess the job candidates’ decision-making by asking them certain issues regarding the business and how could they provide a solution for it.  You should be very keen in observing how confident they are in providing solutions and how creative they are in thinking of the possible solutions. This may help you in your future challenges within the company premises. So, it’s highly suggested that a job applicant must have a compelling decision-making process and output.

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Here’s another thing you must consider in selecting your first set of employees – you must know their work experiences if applicable. If the applicant had a past work experience, let him/her evaluate his experiences and encounters during his tenure in the previous company/companies.

This will slowly show their work behaviour and how they deal with company matters whether it’s positive or not. It’s important that you know why they left the previous company because there might be a serious issue behind that.

These are only some of the things that you apply on hiring your first set of employees. This article wishes to effectively deliver you the helping hands that you highly need.


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