Safe Weight Gain Tips for Underweight Kids

For kids with underweight can easily fall sick, and hence, it is necessary for children to attain proper weight. The weight of the children is based on their height and age. A healthy kid with proper weight shall have lesser possibilities of falling sick and will stay active.

Following are the tips which help children with an underweight to gain weight safely without causing any harm.

Availability of nutrition to the child

Proper nutrition should be made available to the child to gain weight more safely. The children must have their weights checked regularly with the help of baby weighing scales. A healthy diet with all the nutrients available to the child will help the child to gain weight. Fruits, vegetables in the form of salad should be made available to provide all the necessary nutrients.

Kids always love having snacks during break time, but they are mostly unhealthy. A healthy snack like sandwiches or salads can help the child regain all the nutrients required for the body. Source of proteins in the form of egg or fish should be made available to the kid. Nuts are also a good source of vitamins and minerals required for a gain of weight in a healthy manner.

Adding oil or butter to the food improves the calorie of the food given to the child to gain weight. Meals should not be skipped, and the intake of small quantities of food is advised. The child should take small quantities of meals at least 4 to 5 times daily rather than taking larger quantities. Any form of canned or processed food should be avoided for a healthy diet.

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For an underweight kid, hunger is induced by proper exercise and maintaining body fitness. By doing a lot of work-outs, the child gets hungry and increases its appetite. Engaging your child in sports or any extracurricular activity helps them to get hungry faster and eat a lot. A child should not be forced to eat as they may cause disliking of food. The child should be offered with appealing foods to induce their taste buds by looking at it.


The nutrition in the form of supplements can also be induced to the child for gaining weight. Before the intake of supplements, they should be prescribed or recommended by paediatricians to be safer. The various forms of supplements are milk in powdered form, mayonnaise, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, etc. These supplements should be given to the child to increase its weight.

Sugar and salt in processed food should be avoided on large quantities for the safety weight gain of the child. The fundamental way of finding whether the child is underweight or not is by checking its BMI. BMI is body mass index of every individual, and it depends upon factors like height and weight.

The weight of the children should be monitored regularly with baby weighing machine for safety. Kids should always prefer Home-made foods for their hygiene.

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