A Buying Guide of Pigeon Blood Ruby

The fiery and magnificent ruby displays its vivid hue in the pigeon blood color. It is the most coveted and sought-after color of ruby gemstone. This variety of ruby has a bright red hue and a slight tone of purple. It appears to be deep red in color under lights. Though rubies come in all shades of red, this is the variety that garners higher value and best prices in the gemstone markets. cotton bags in the Kerala

The saturation of color in pigeon blood ruby stones is the most critical aspect of their quality. Some rubies also have inherent inclusions that may lead to star effect or asterism in the stones. It is revered as a talisman of protection and passion. If you want to invoke the pigeon blood ruby benefits in your life, follow this guide thoroughly:

Find the Ideal Color

When choosing a precious stone like ruby, color is a significant aspect that also affects the price of the stone. Rubies belong to the same mineral family as sapphires. In fact, all the colors of mineral corundum are called sapphire except red, which is known as ruby. 

The pigeon blood color is the most distinguishing feature of ruby stone. It is highly rare and valuable beyond any normal color because it has no secondary hues. Without any overtones of orange or brown color, it carries the intensity of brightness that touches medium to strong levels of fluorescence.

Determine the Clarity

Like sapphires, rubies also have some inherent inclusions in their composition. Even the finest quality of this gemstone is expected to have certain inclusions. So, you can say that eye-clean and flawless rubies do not practically exist. The quality is determined by the volume, placement, and nature of blemishes in the stone. 

If the stone has prominently visible inclusions that impede its transparency, it lowers the pigeon blood ruby price per carat by a huge margin. Hence, you should look for a stone that has inclusions in hidden areas where it does not compromise the integrity and beauty of the stone.  

Remember, a clearer stone with fewer inclusions fetches higher prices. Since clarity grade isn’t available in grading reports, you should choose a seller offering high-quality images like gempundit.com to cherry pick the best variety. In case, if the inclusion has a star-like effect on the stone, it becomes a rare variety.

Look for Enhancements

Since rubies have some inclusions naturally, it is a common practice to enhance the color and clarity of the stone through various treatments. Heat treatment is a common industry standard practice that doesn’t affect the value of a stone. It is intended to remove the rules that alter the beauty of rubies. This treatment is acceptable since it doesn’t hamper the quality and durability of the stone. 

Other treatments like glass-filling and flux heating are used for low-quality stones. You should refrain from buying a ruby gemstone that undergoes such lab treatment.

Know About the Origin

Traditionally, the pigeon blood ruby is mostly mined in Myanmar. Burmese pigeon blood ruby stones dominate the market due to their quality, popularity, and rarity. However, some other sources of natural pigeon blood rubies have been discovered in recent years. 

This gemstone can also be found in the mines of Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. But, Myanmar rubies are still the finest quality due to their strong fluorescence and intense color. 

Pick the Right Carat Size

Rubies have higher density like other members of the corundum mineral family. They are generally found in weight less than 1-2 carats. If you are looking for a larger ruby, you should know it is extremely rare and hence, quite expensive as well. 

You can use a small ruby to add charm to any jewelry due to its vibrant color. If a seller is providing larger sizes of ruby, it may be a synthetic variety that does not carry the astrological benefits of this gemstone. 

Check the Transparency

When buying a precious stone like pigeon blood ruby, you should also check the transparency of the stone. Even the stones with the best color do not fetch the right value if it is opaque instead of possessing absolute transparency. Translucent rubies are better than opaque stones, but they are also commercial grade. 

You can’t use such stones for astrological benefits. As mentioned earlier, it is almost impossible to find a flawless ruby without any inclusions. Hence, if you come across a stone that does not have a trace of inclusion under a lens; it may be a synthetic variety. 

Select the Right Cut

In the selection of a precious and rare pigeon blood ruby for sale, cut of the stone is another factor you can’t ignore. A properly faceted and cut natural beauty displays brighter color and luster. The cutting process sometimes results in weight reduction. Hence, you should prefer a simple cut if you want to buy ruby gemstone for astrological purposes. 

While cutting results in weight loss for fancy shapes, the prices are generally high for these stones due to their striking appearance. The cabochon is the best choice for bringing out asterism factor in a star ruby. If you want a brilliant cut such as princess, round, or pear, look for accuracy and smoothness to enhance the light performance of this stone. 

Assess the Price

When buying a precious stone like ruby, price is a major factor affected by all other aspects of its quality. So, color, origin, cut, carat, and clarity have a combined effect on the final price of your gemstone. Before investing in an unheated pigeon blood ruby, you should consider all these factors to determine its price. Compare the costs of the stone on various reputable gemstones seller websites to make the right choice. 

If you intend to buy a ruby gemstone online, you should also check the return policy and quality certification. The seller must provide a free certificate from a reputable lab to authenticate and grade the quality of your purchased stone. Most importantly, you should keep in mind the purpose of buying the stone to choose the best varieties that serve it in the best way possible.

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