7 Best colors to coordinate an outfit for a photoshoot

7 Best colors to coordinate an outfit for a photoshoot


The first question that pops before every occasion is what to wear? Whatever the choice is it has to not only be appropriate for the occasion but also make sure you look picture perfect. When it comes to photo shoot especially with a larger number of people like a family portrait, color coordinating the outfits is a lovely choice. Certain colors naturally accentuate the subjects in the photograph which are usually chosen during a professional photo shoot. These colors can effortlessly set the perfect tone for a beautiful portrait.

Here are 7 best color choices to coordinate during photo shoots to lead to the perfect click.

  1. Blue: The advantage of choosing a cool color like blue is that it creates a very subtle and soft theme for the portrait. The color naturally blends well with most skin tones and helps bring out a lovely picture. You can infuse the color through denim where you can incorporate different shades of the same color. Instead of going for simple solid colored outfits you can include patterns and layers through scarfs, accessories etc, to dial down the picture from looking too blue.

2. White: White is a simple yet sophisticated color of choice of coordinating during photo shoots. The color looks great on most people and is also clean and elegant to flaunt. White would be a great choice to use for portraits with bright or contrasting backgrounds which might contain a lot of color elements. You can introduce ivory, off-white, etc to ensure the tone remains the same and the colors are coordinated but not matching.

3. Black: Black is a classic choice for photographs that can add dramatic depth to the image. Black is usually considered a slimming color and hence would be a great choice for everyone. While going all black may not be a great choice you can add dark colors such as green, blue, brown, etc. Keep it as one black clothing item per person to match the tone but bring in more colors too. If you choose to go solid black make sure the background has soft shades of pastels or light colors to improve the overall look of the picture.

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4. Red and Black: Hot red maxi split dresses would be a great choice to capture a bold and bright picture. Matching a bold shade of red with a neutral shade of black can be a great choice of colors for your portraits. The pop of color that the red introduces will enhance the beauty of black. You can opt for patterns instead of the solid combination and coordinate your outfits for a sexy picture.

7 Best colors to coordinate an outfit for a photoshoot

Source: Kelly Miranda photography

5. Orange and Tan: If your background pops with bright colors then the outfits should tone down the colors by a notch. Orange and Tan is a lovely natural combination you can try as a theme for your photoshoots. The combinations bring a slight rush of bright color with Orange that is neutralized using tan and this will be a good choice for outdoor photoshoots during autumn or spring. 

6. White with Pink and Purple: The use of color pink can be toned down using a neutral color such as white to create a balanced looked with a pop of bright color. You can experiment with varying shades of pink, magenta and also cross over to some soft lavender, purple and the white will balance them out. This color combination would create a fabulous portrait that looks colorful and fun.

7. Multicolors: Sometimes a lot of colors could be a great way of creating a charming look in pictures. Multi Colors can be a tricky choice of theme to work with while coordinating. The best way is to introduce patterns that will help essence fully integrate all the colors. Also, make sure the outfit colors are contrasting and the background remains mostly neutral to create a lovely picture. Keep the basic palettes similar to ensure there is no crossover of colors and include some dark solid colors to balance the overall look.

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7 Best colors to coordinate an outfit for a photoshoot

Source: milandesignagenda.com

Important points to remember:

1. Coordinating means keeping the tone similar rather than wearing matching colors. So make sure the tone of the theme is maintained through the outfits rather than using the same shade of the color.

2. Given the color theme of the outfit is fixed experimenting with various styles is important. Use layers, accessories, scarfs, etc to improve upon the basic outfit to ensure the overall look is beautiful and unique.

3. Your outfits need to be comfortable. While it is not necessary to keep them formal, too casual may ruin the vibe.

4. Choose styles that fit you best. Just like you carefully pick the right bodybuilding clothing pay attention to the right style of clothing that will accentuate your figure. 

So this season chose these color themes that can create candid picture-perfect moments with ease in style.

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