Basic Equipment Mostly Used In All Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is a field that involves much effort to take care of the animals. Livestock farmers need to spend both time and money to maintain the health and growth of animals. There are many challenges in animal husbandry that farmers face. Moreover, they need to perform the day to day tasks for the upkeeping of animals.

Proper nutrition, hygiene, and medical care are essential for animal health. There are tools and equipment that makes daily tasks convenient for livestock farmers. This post shares some necessary tools used in the animal husbandry.



Animals face heat and cold according to the weather and climate. Their body temperature can change, that can lead to illness and poor health. A slight variation in body temperature does not cause problems, but a difference of more than 0.5 degrees Centigrade can lead to health issues. A veterinary thermometer is an essential tool for livestock farmers to measure the body temperature of animals. In the case of high or low temperature, farmers can offer treatment for animals.


Chains are an essential tool used in animal husbandry. They are not only for tying animals to poles but serve many other purposes. Farmers use them for lifting heavy objects and connecting the vehicles for transportation. Users also use chains for stabilizing and binding objects together. Farmers and cattle owners can attach different things to a chain such as hooks or shackles to serve a specific purpose.

Union Scoop

A union scoop is an essential tool for all farmers for the handling of loose materials. It is like a shovel that you can use to handle soil, mud, sand, and other materials in animal farms. The Union Tools company manufactures the tool that is why it is named Union scoop. However, you can find similar scoops of other companies. It is highly useful for many tasks, like lifting material and digging the soil. Therefore, all farmers must have a union scoop on their farm.

Strip Cup

A strip cup is an excellent tool for all farmers involved in the dairy business. Milking some of the first strips in a strip cup will tell about the present lumps indicating early or advanced mastitis. Any such condition needs urgent monitoring. A strip cup is an instrument that is useful in every dairy farmer’s milking parlor. People who cannot find real strip cups can use a standard black plastic cup attached to the top instead. An essential part of the process of milking is to observe the quality of the first milk streaks.

Hoof trimming tools


The hooves of some animals grow quicker than normal in some regions and particularly where the ground is soft. The issue of overgrown hoofs needs to be taken care, especially for cows kept in zero grazings that do not walk and get exercise. It is essential to trim the hooves to make the animal walk normally.

Animals in rough terrains also need frequent trimming to maintain their hoofs. Deformed hooves can make it hard and painful for the animal to walk normally. Such hooves are deformed, smooth, and susceptible to diseases such as foot rot. Hoof trimming tools help farmers to trim the hooves and maintain them in good shape.

Syringes and needles

Although syringes and needles are a part of medical equipment, farmers also keep them for necessary treatment of animals. As animal farms are usually far from cities and towns, it is not possible to take animals to a veterinarian every time.

Farmers and cattle owners use syringes and needles to inject prescribed medicines into the body of animals. They can offer necessary treatment until they approach a medical facility for their animals. Farmers can also use the syringe without a needle for measuring liquids such as oral medicines and dewormers for animals. You should keep away these medicines from your children as these can dangerous for them.

Chain Binder

A chain binder is not useful without a chain, but it is a beneficial addition to a chain and should be in every farm equipment and tools list. Chain binders are a widely used tensioning tool for flatbed trailers. Farmers also use chain binders for securing a load on the trailer to tie a chain firmly to its side rail. You can also use them to bind the poles together and square up a framework of sheds.

Weighing machines

Weighing machines are essential for livestock farms as they need to measure the weight of animals. Farmers also use the loadbars for cattle to measure their weight. There is a wide range of weighing scales that are specially made for animals.

Final words

These are some necessary equipment used in animal husbandry. However, there are many other types of equipment that livestock farmers use to make their tasks easy and convenient. These tools help them take good care and maintain the health of their animals.

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