Top Viral Music Videos Of 2018

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There are some music videos which people never forget because of their popularity which makes them go viral. Today in this article, we have picked the top 5music videos viral worldwide. These music videos have been chosen not only on the basis of a number of views which they have got but also on the basis of good words which they have got from the critics all around the world. So, without any delay, let’s jump to our top picks. Vehicle graphics Dubai

“In my feelings”-Drake

Who else comes to your mind when we talk about the top music videos of the year 2018. We know that this is not the biggest hit of Drake, but this is definitely the most viral single sung by him. This is a no surprise as this was the song which gave birth to the so-called Kiki challenge which took over the internet all around the world. Everyone including the famous celebrities could be seen posting their videos on the internet which featured them hitting some catchy moves while walking along with the car.

“This is America”-Childish Gambino

This is known to everyone that “This is America” is the song which made Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover popular worldwide. The thing which makes this song unique is the amazing slick dance moves by Gambino, choreographed by the British dancer Sherrie Silver, which was basically influenced by Africa originated dance forms. The viral clip of the song made it no.1 in the US and it also topped the trending charts of UK.

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“Boo’d Up”-Ella Mai

This music video proved that becoming an overnight sensation is not an overnight process. The song was actually released in the year 2017, but it actually started getting the attention during the summer of 2018. The song could be seen being played in every club and could be seen being played in the social media videos of people. This beautiful song by Ella Mai made him the only British singer to top the RnB charts in the US, in the last 26 years. This is definitely a soulful song decorated by the mesmerizing voice of this British singer.

“I love it”-Kanye west and Lil Pump

When the fans got the news about the collaboration of Kanye West and Lil pump, they went crazy and this is pretty obvious if we consider the big hits dropped by these two in recent times. One of the main reasons why this song got so much love was the lyrics of this song and the funny dance by Kanye and Pump in some funny oversized outfits, which was something not normal. These outfits became very popular as Halloween costumes around the world. And yes, we are not kidding!

“Funky Friday-Dave (feat. Fredo)

This music video surprisingly became one of the top hits of the year 2018. According to critics, there are a lot of wow elements in this track, which makes this song so much popular around the world. Funky Friday is having some amazing electro elements along with some unique chorus in it. This song has some freshness if we look at it as a whole.

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