Three Signs Which Require Visiting the Gastroenterology Clinic

Many people are found to suffer from some type of health issue or ailment which requires proper, thorough and timely medical attention. One such problem that may develop in the human body and in people of all ages is related to gastrointestinal. If the person is affected by this issue, then it becomes important for him/her to visit the best gastroenterologist in Gurgaon without any further delay. Otherwise, neglecting the ailment will only cause its further development and make the person to feel uncomfortable and to bear the immense pain. The gastroenterology clinic is considered to be one that has the necessary tools and equipment to examine and diagnose the patient and to provide treatment to different types of stomach and intestinal related problems. 

Signs which require the patient to visit the specialist to avail immediate treatment

  • Constipation: There are times, when the person may not experience comfortable bowel movements. He/she may not be going to the bathroom for a few days together, which results in the bloating of the stomach and causing the formation of gas in the region. He/she might also experience tough bowel movements but accompanied by extreme pain and sometimes with blood. One such gastrointestinal disease which people might suffer from is inflammatory bowel disease. Constipation is a common issue and the common treatment offered is laxatives. But self-medication does come with its own set of problem like laxatives may be overused and hence, cause an unwanted opposite effect. The fact is that not everyone’s body is the same. Movement frequency of the family members might simply not match that of the person. therefore, it is crucial to understand the normal bowel movements. If there are experienced any change, then it should be brought to the notice of the doctor. 
  • Diarrhea and Abdominal pain: If frequent diarrhea or abdominal pain is experienced, it is an indication of a sign of the person suffering from IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease). The person may suffer from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s, considered to be the two common IBD types affecting humans. Even rectal bleeding might occur, leading to anemia. Diarrhea and constant pain may even cause weight loss. To determine the cause of pain being that from IBD, a series of tests will be run by the doctor. In case, the test is found to be positive, then the patient is offered several medications including immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatories drugs. If persistent abdominal pain is experienced, then it can be a sign of an issue much more than the mere attack of inflammatory bowel disease. It can also be a sign of development of a peptic ulcer. Sore that occurs within the stomach lining or small intestine’s upper part is termed as an ulcer. Several causes are cited for ulcers to take place including smoking, alcohol, excessive usage of NSAID medication and bacterial infection. Even those experiencing excessive stress are likely to develop an ulcer. Antibiotics are used for treatment purpose. There is also the need to reduce or eliminate the circumstances which in the first place has been causing the sore to develop. Surgery is recommended in extreme cases, as the digestive tract can be blocked due to excessive scar tissue. 
  • Heartburn: One common sign for gastrointestinal problems to take place is burning sensation caused in the stomach, rises to the throat or simply settles down under the sternum in the chest region. Often, it is regarded to be a symptom of acid reflux, a condition that commonly affects everyone. Besides this burning sensation, the person may also have tough time having a painful dry cough or trying to swallow something. Acid reflux causes bad taste in the mouth as well as excess saliva. If not treated on time, heartburn will only cause further damage. The esophagus may be eaten away by the acid and ulcers will occur in the stomach. The acid may even cause cancer in rare cases. Visiting the best gastroenterology doctors in Gurgaon will ensure that the damage is prevented. The doctors, in extreme cases, may suggest surgical remedy if there emerges a need to tighten up the muscles between the stomach and the esophagus to prevent upward flow of acid. 
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The qualified gastroenterologist has the necessary skills and expertise to provide proper treatment for intestinal problems.

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