Dress Code Cocktail Attire for Men: Clothes, Shoes, Accessories

Cocktail Attire

The cocktail dress code is considered rather free since there are no strict requirements for it. But proper adherence to its foundations will allow making a positive impression on others. The most important thing is to correctly combine items of clothing and not be mistaken with flowers.

What is a Dress Code

Dress code – this is the requirements for the appearance of the visitors of the event or meeting. Thanks to the established framework, guests can not hesitate over what they wear for a particular occasion.

Most often, the invitation indicates in advance the type of dress code that is expected from guests. This allows no one to look like a black sheep. If you have not been told in advance what kind of appearance is expected of you, you should call and clarify this question yourself.

Strict requirements for the dress code are applied only in high society, such as tailored suits for men. Otherwise, it can be given relief. Most often, the requirements for appearance are indicated so that the guest himself feels comfortable.

For example, if a solemn event is expected, then a formal business suit, albeit expensive and of high quality, will look at least strange. For such cases, use a tuxedo and bow tie.

Cocktail: On What Occasion

A cocktail dress code is required for many occasions. Most often it is used when the event is formal enough to not look weird in a suit, while the tailcoat and butterfly seem too fanciful. For example:

  • Corporate Banquet.
  • A large family celebration when a large number of guests is expected (necessarily indoors).
  • Dinner party.
  • The opening of the exhibition.
  • I am visiting the theater, etc.

The Main Elements of the Cocktail Dress Code


Cocktail attire for men implies the presence of a dark suit. The black suit is better to leave for a more formal occasion. If the event takes place during the day before 5 pm, then you can wear a gray suit, if, at a later time, dark gray or blue is ideal. Wanted classic trousers with arrows and a jacket. The vest can be left for a more formal occasion.

Since there are many reasons for a cocktail, the degree of formality of the event can affect the color of the suit and shirt.

The shirt should be black or white. And the black shirt can be worn and with a dark gray suit. In the case of a corporate banquet, the color can be sustained in any other range, if it is sufficiently pale and does not attract all the attention to itself.

For the shirt to look stylish, you need to learn how to fill it with pants properly.

In the absence of a tie, you can not fasten the top button.

Taking off a jacket is considered bad form, but if you have to do this, the shirt must be with a long sleeve.


Black oxfords or derby shoes with a neat toe should be perfectly polished. In this case, the black color is universal, but in some cases, brown may also be suitable.


To valid accessories include tie, belt, watches and cuff links.

A tie is not always required: as a guest at a wedding, it will be an appropriate addition to the image, and it is not necessary to wear it at a corporate party. The picture is selected neutral, preferably with a geometric pattern. One of the colors of the picture must necessarily be present in another item of clothing.

So that the tie does not twist and does not interfere, you need to choose the right clip for it.

The belt is better to choose a classic, in the color of the shoes. The buckle must be neutral. The watch is taken either on a leather strap or with a metal bracelet.

This article contains useful tips on how to choose the right cufflinks and how to fasten them on a shirt cuff.

For this dress code, you need to forget about the bow tie and about the scarf in the breast pocket. Such details belong to the official style and are used in more solemn occasions. But if you want to stand out, then a well-chosen chest scarf will help create an image of a real dandy. Young people about willingly carry butterflies of bright colors: this helps to compensate for the excessive formality of this accessory and allow them to withstand the image within the cocktail dress code. For men over 30 years old and a scarf, and a butterfly may look strange.


Cocktail is rarely used outside the street, and according to the rules of etiquette, men are required to remove hats in the room.

In cool weather and when this dress code is required for an outdoor event, a man is allowed to wear a hat. Do not forget that it should be combined with the rest of the way.

In a word, the dress-code cocktail is considered the most unstrict of all formal, while leaving room for creativity. That is why it is also the most popular.

If for the upcoming event you are required to have this dress code, then it is enough to dress up in a strict dark-colored suit, pick up a monochrome shirt and wear black leather shoes. And if an event allows you to show individuality, then, for example, a red bow tie will be perfect for a dark blue suit and a white shirt.

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