Wine and Talks- Good Combination for a Date

Wine and Talks- Good Combination for a Date

Getting the woman or man of your dreams is no easy feat. Like some precious metal, you will have to put in the work and break a sweat to impress them. Going out for a date is a beautiful experience. This experience gets all the more interesting with some wine in the mix and a good conversation that both of you engage in. So how do you transform that date from a casual meeting to a memory that lasts?

1. The frequency of the date

If you guys are meeting up for the first time, the date is somewhat different from when you guys are meeting for the third or fourth time. First-time dates are more about making an impression and getting to know the person well before going in for the kill.

For a first time date, outdoors are usually the best, and if the schedule allows, daytime works wonderfully. Here you can engage in that talk that gets you two to familiarize with each other. A good bottle of Stella Rosa Black would compliment such a date well. It’s rich, sweet taste is sure to work well with both of you and will not leave your date with the impression that you were trying to get them drunk. The bottle itself represents class and is sure to help your case for a second date.

For the second and third dates, you can decide on a night out at a restaurant. As you familiarize more, wine tasting will be the best thrill you will ever try out.

2. What meal are you having?

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Meals are one thing that I must say most of us get wrong. It is essential to pick out the menu well and complement it with the drink for the night or any other activity you will be engaged in. It is always a good idea to order your meal first and then go for the wine after that. If you are not an expert when it comes to wine, the sommelier is always there to help.

He or she will advise best on what wine you can have to compliment the meal. You do not want you or your date to be in a situation whereby the wine messes up your palate. Talking to the sommelier before the date arrives also proves to be very handy because he or she can always advise on what wine or champagne to compliment your talk.

3. Keep the talk interesting

Not a wine lover and you order a bottle of dimple pinch instead? No worries, just don’t fail to match up to its standard by what you talk about. Keep the conversation interesting by talking more about what is before you. Everyone likes a guy or lady that can talk about the smooth taste of cognac like they are from a lineage of distillers.

Make it even grander by soaking in the smell of it once the cork is removed and the drink is served in your glass. Do not only blow away the mind of the date with what you talk about but make the process of doing so melt his or her heart.

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4. Be open to new experiences

Surprises are everywhere, and at times the best experiences are those surprises that we would otherwise not be open to. Ask the sommelier to surprise you and your date and more often than not, you will not be disappointed. You can also go out of the norm and ask the date to order wine or champagne for the two of you. The bill will be on you, of course, but by what they order, you will get to know a lot about them that will come in handy in your subsequent dates.

The chocolate box trick, though it has been there since time immemorial is always a surprise at any date. Try this out; it will not take you so much time to pick out the most exquisite chocolate for that date you have been looking forward to impressing. The good thing about chocolate, it will always spice up the conversation, which is what you want to do on that date.

There are infinite ways to please that person whose presence alters the rate of your heartbeat, but always make wine and a good chat a part of it.

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