Considering Office Removals? Perth Pro Advice for Moving Computers

Considering Office Removals? Perth Pro Advice for Moving Computers

One of the most challenging aspects of office removals, Perth business owners are likely to experience is moving computers. Most modern businesses rely heavily on computers to manage sales, customer details and other vital aspects of operating. So, when you need office movers, you need to ensure that your computers are safe during the journey to your new premises. Although there are office removalists who can help you with packing and moving your computers, if you do want to handle it yourself, we have some pro tips and tricks to help you.

Take Pictures

Although it may seem strange, it is a good idea to photograph each computer set up before you start disconnecting everything. Even if you’re tech savvy, you’ll be under pressure to reduce your downtime and get everything up and running quickly. So, having a point of reference will make this easier. Ensure that you photograph the connections and cables, so you’ll remember how it can all be reconnected.

Shut Down

Once you’re ready to start packing up your computer, you need to ensure that it is properly shut down. Remove any USBs, CDs or other items plugged into the ports to minimise damage during transit. You can then unplug all the cables for packing. This is a vital step to avoid damage or misplaced connections. The cable should be wrapped or folded and if necessary labelled before it is packed in a suitable box.

Check Your Access Panel

Desktop computer models all have at least one panel designed to provide access to the motherboard and other internal workings. This is generally on the side of the tower, but your computer may have more than one. You need to ensure that your computer’s access panels are closed and secure them with tape.

Pack the Box

Line an appropriate box with bubble wrap or packing paper to create a layer of protection inside the box. Wrap the tower in several layers of bubble wrap and tape it in place. Pay close attention to corners, ports, and panels to ensure that they are adequately padded. Put the tower in the box in an upright position to keep it in a natural position, minimising the risk of damage during the move. Ensure that any gaps in the box are packed with bubble wrap, newspaper or any soft items to prevent movement or shifting inside the box. Seal the box carefully to ensure that it is fully secure.

Coordinate Your Labels

While it is obvious to label your box as a computer, if you have multiple computers in your business, it will make it easier if you coordinate your labels. Whether you want to keep a numbered list for each staff member’s computer or have a colour label system for different departments, some kind of organisation will make it easier to unpack and set up in your new premises. Be sure to provide your movers with a copy of the list, so they know where each box should be taken when unloading the truck.

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