Media Advertising

Media Advertising

What Does Media Advertising Mean?

With The Globalization Of Commerce, The Advertising Industry Too Has Grown By Leaps And Bounds, Now Becoming An Integral Part Of Our Everyday Lives. Advertising Is Everywhere – Newspapers, Billboards, Television, Radio, The Internet. In Short, Every Form Of Media Thrives On Advertising.

These Days Companies Spend A Lot Of Money On Advertising, Employing Various Forms Of Media To Spread Awareness About Their Products And Increase Sales.  Good Advertising Is One That Uses The Right Media To Put The Right Marketing Message In Front Of The Right People At The Right Time. It Creates Awareness Of Various Business Offers, Help Businesses Find New Clients And Boosts Sales.

The Role Of Advertising In Media¹

Media In The 20th Century Was Dominated By Print, Radio, And Television, Attracting A Broad Spectrum Of The Society, Giving Them The Opportunity To Read, Listen, And Experience The World Around Them In Ways That Were Previously Unknown.  With The Invention Of The Internet, The General Public Has Discovered The Ease Of Sending And Receiving Messages, Tweets, Emails, Photos And Videos, Virtual Interaction With Other People And The Freedom To Express Thoughts And Emotions To Anybody With A Connection To This Digital Medium.  Thus Media Performs A Very Important Role In Spreading Awareness, Amongst The Public, About Products & Services And Benefits Of Specific Products And Services, Through Advertising.  It Is No Wonder Then, That Advertisement And Media Have A Strong Inter-Dependency On Each Other.   Advertising Spends And Revenues, Over Various Media Worldwide, Are Worth Billions Of Dollars!  The Role And Importance Of Advertising Through Various Media Channels Is Described Below:-

      •   Spreading Awareness – Advertisements Alert People To The Launch And Availability Of New Products And Services In The Market That Could Potentially Fulfill Their Needs Or Solve Their Problems. Advertisements Inform The Public Of The Nature Of The Service Or Product, Where It Is Available, At What Cost, The Name Of The Manufacturer And Seller, And Reasons Why It Should Be Purchased.  It Is The Power Of Media, To Reach Many People Across Regions, Ages And Cultures, That Eventually Makes This Possible.
      •   Popularizing A Brand – Popular Brands Such As Coke And Pepsi Have Flourished Because Of Making Smart Use Of Advertising Over Various Media Platforms. With Innovations And Path-Breaking Inventions In Technology, It Has Become Possible To Continuously Republish Advertisements And Replay To Large Groups Of People, Anywhere And At Any Time.  Many People See The Same Advertisements Multiple Times, Thus Improving Brand Recall And Creating A Desire To Purchase A Service Or Product. Eventually, When These People See These Products And Services Out There, They Instantly Recognize Them And Are More Likely To Buy Them.
      •   Increasing Demand – Technology Has Enabled Advertisement To Target A Large Audience Instantly, Be It On Social Media, Print, Radio Or Television.  Digital Analytics Has Enabled Advertisements To Be Customized For A Target Audience, To Convey A Convincing Narrative That Would Result In Eventual High Sales.  If The Advertisement Has Been Properly Constructed And Targeted, It Would Result In The Product Being Oversubscribed, Thereby Leading To An Increase In Demand For The Product Or Service.
      •   Increased Profits – This Can Be Attributed To The Increase In Demand As Explained Above.  With Several Media Options Available, Advertisements Are Usually Delivered To Large Groups Of People Simultaneously.  Thus, Even For A Low Conversion Rate, Many People Will End Up Buying The Advertised Products, Thereby Increasing Profits.

Getting The Strategy Right²

For Any Company Designing An Advertisement, It Is Very Important That They Adopt The Right Strategy To Achieve Awareness, Drive Responses, And Change Customer Attitudes.  Some Suggested Means Are:-

  • Targeting The Audience – It Is Very Important To Know How To Reach The Target Audience.  For A Small Business Operating Out Of A Specific Area, Local Papers And Free Magazines Would Work Fine.  However, For Larger Businesses, Having Companies And Other Businesses As Their Customers, The Use Of Websites, Publications With A Wider Reach And Events To Target Specific Groups, Would Work Better.  Whatever The Media, What Cannot Be Compromised Is The Need For The Advert To Convey A Clear Message With A Call To Action.
  • Advertising Return On Investment – Tools For Business Analytics Enables Measuring User Response And Fine-Tuning Every Aspect Of Online Advertising, Regardless Of The Type Of Advertisement You Choose.   Response Mechanisms Such As Dedicated Phone Numbers, Landing Pages, Email Addresses, And Even Qr Codes, Can Be Used To Measure The Effect Of The Advertisement On Various Media Platforms.  Depending On The Response Generated, The Future Advertisements Can Be Adjusted And Tweaked To Ensure A Better Return On Investment.


There Is No Doubt That The Media Used For Advertising Plays An Important Role In How Well The Target Audience Is Addressed.  A Well-Constructed Advertisement, Delivered Using The Right Media, Would Pay Handsome Dividends And Ensure That The Product Is A Success.

Media Advertising

Media Advertising

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