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File duplication is a common occurrence that most users experience when working on a Windows PC. It eats up the drive storage in a user’s computer faster than other kinds of clutter can, and can actually prove to be difficult to get rid of. In addition to this, duplicate files can slow down a user’s PC drastically, which can put their data and system at risk. 

To avoid a situation such as this, one constantly needs to monitor their system. Manual elimination of all traces of duplicate files is quite tedious and a time-consuming process. So it’s best to find out smart tools and apps that can help one automatically locate and delete duplicated files.

Interestingly, most of us have heaps of duplicated files on our PCs. So, it’s essential for us to know the main reason behind it. Continue reading to find out why it happens.

What’s the Reason Behind Having So Many Duplicate Files On a PC?

There is no concrete reason for it. But simply checking the file source can really help. Often when the same files are downloaded or copied from multiple sources, it may result in several duplicates. What’s more, some file(s) may not be a duplicate but can resemble one. So what does do in such a situation? How does one separate the important ones or the original ones when there is so much clutter on the system? Windows itself does not come with an inbuilt utility such as a duplicate finder/remover.

This is another reason why most users have to seek help from third-party tools to find duplications on the system. Most users also believe that it’s best to delete all files. However, deleting everything is not the solution to this problem as it can cause further issues. This may include a serious dip in your PC’s performance, especially if duplication is found in system files. Then it is indeed a challenge to identify the correct files to create some serious space in the hard drive. 

Wondering how to resolve such a tricky issue? Read on to find out how you can remove all kinds of duplicate computer files from your Windows PC:

Duplicate Cleaner Free

One fantastic tool that’s simply great for removing duplicate files is Duplicate Cleaner Free. A file scanner that can help you thoroughly scan your desktop and mark duplicates to be deleted later. Since file removal is based on certain criteria, as set by the user, using this utility tool is quite easy to install and use. After a user has downloaded and installed the tool, they can use this tool to scan different drives and find out where duplicates are located on the system. The fact that this tool is simple to use, makes it a user favorite.

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The user-friendly interface along with the incorporated search filters make the process of finding duplicate files very easy. Then the integrated file selection assistant ensures that a user has complete control over what they want to retain and which file they want to remove. With this duplicate file finder, one can remove at least 100 duplicates, if they are using the pro version. However, users also have the option to use the trial version to see how this utility tool works.


Do you have a bad habit of accumulating images on your PC? If so, then this duplicate file finder will surely help you declutter your system, if it is filled to the brim with all kinds of images, photos, or screenshots.

Often saved images can end up having several copies, especially if you are transferring files from one destination to another. What’s more, most images are found in multiple formats. That’s why it is even more important to locate all such duplicates and delete them as it can take a large amount of time. Manually removing such files is often inefficient, due to human error, that’s why it is best to use a 3rd party app such as AntiDupl, especially if you don’t want to spend a large amount of time decluttering your PC.

This is a perfect program for photographers, who mostly indulge in photos and have innumerable retakes and multiple edit versions. The app automates the entire process for the user. And locates identical files in several image formats, which may include GIF, WMF, JPEG, ICON, EXIF, BMP, and PSD along with many others. 

What AntiDupl does is perform a comparison, not just with two identical photos but also with similar files. In addition to this, the tool also helps users to find defects in their photos, so the user has the option to fix if there are any flaws.


If you are a fan of retro software programs, then you will definitely enjoy Anti-Twin. This freeware was developed by Jörg Rosenthal in 2010. Listed among the top duplicate file finders and removers in the industry, the Anti-Twin program does the job with exquisite perfection, even on newer OSes! Users can simply begin the program by selecting a folder to find out duplicate files. Next start the scan process, which will pinpoint all such files and highlight them. 

Once the duplicated files are categorized, the user can then select the method to begin the filtering process, which is either by file name or by the kind of content (seen by their format). Users can also combine both content (format) and file name to get accurate results. In addition to this, there is the automatic selection method available as well, which users can use to their benefit. 

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Simply select the identified files and bulk delete them in one go! Just make sure that when you are using the online version of the app, your PC is connected to a speedy yet stable internet service like the Grande Internet so that you don’t even get to experience the occasional glitch in connection.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is one terrific program, which ensures that all kinds of duplicates are instantly eliminated. Thus, freeing up lots of space on your hard drive, so that you can instantly retain some memory on the drive! This utility took consists of a user-friendly wizard interface that is quite simple yet straightforward to use. The wizard scans and selects duplicates, which can then easily be removed, without consuming too many built-in resources. 

The methodical process may seem tedious, and even boring since users don’t have the option to bulk select files and have to pick files individually. However, on the upside, users are given the option to recover files if they are mistakenly deleted in the process. So, they never have to worry about losing important documents in the process. This tool is simply awesome for all those who enjoy organization and look forward to a weekend of online decluttering! 

The Bottom Line

While some of the best duplicate file finders have been listed above, these are not the only ones present in the market, and PC users will find many more that offer more variation in options and are free with no in-app purchases. The paid tools often offer additional options such as extra storage, which can prove to be quite handy for the average user.

Nevertheless, such apps function perfectly if they are not constantly interrupted. Even an occasional glitch in the process means that the user has to restart the entire process again. Why not check out BuyTVInternetPhone and find a service that has decent coverage in your area.

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