What are the Hidden Health Benefits of Salt Lamps as well as Decorative Purpose?

salt lamp

Salt lamps which are mostly known as Himalayan salt lamps are decorative light crystals harvested from Himalayan Mountain that can be used in homes and offices as well for interior décor. These salt lamps provide a beautiful and radiant hue with their variance in colors like orange, red and pink.

If you are looking for that natural product that is not only suitable for interior home decor because of how it lightens and conditions the ambiance but also has outstanding health benefits.

How Salt Lamps Work

This salt lamp performs the duties of an ionizer, this is to say that they can generate negative ions naturally once the salt lamp is heated up it produces these negative ions that help cleanse the air. Furthermore, since it is natural to have water molecules, dust particles and the likes floating around our homes and automatically contaminating the air. With the presence of this salt lamp, it performs its hygroscopic function of pulling to its self these water molecules and other pollutants attached to it and trap them. This helps to detoxify the air. Once the salt lamp is heated up, the water vapor is then released back into the air but all the particles that were contaminating the air are help back on the lamp.

Every household has the presence of a set of electronic devices that are responsible for producing positive ions in the air. These positive ions are harmful to the human body, and this is where the need of a natural producer of negative ion (salt lamp) is useful, to balance out the positive ions in the air.

Salt Lamp Health Benefits

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The use of salt lamps is said to have certain significant health benefits to the body and the environment. A few of which are:

  1. Ionizes the air: as earlier mentioned this salt lamp performs hygroscopic functions as well as the electrical function when it is heated up. These two functions performed by the salt lamp produces vapor and negative ions that help trap air pollutants and negative ions that are produced by electronic devices. Further purifying the atmosphere and allowing for better and fresher breathing.
  2. Reduction in allergic symptoms: dust particles are often responsible for flu and a few other allergies like sneezing, coughing or having a running nose. The salt lamp helps get rid of these symptoms and generally improves the respiratory system.
  3. Improves sleeping habit: one of the many negative effects caused by a positive ion is that it can alter our sleeping habits. These ions that are emanated for electronic devices, like phones, tablets, and laptops, things we use daily would have us filled with positive ions. The salt lamp helps strikes a balance with its negative ions, further relaxing the mood and taking away disorders that can cause insomnia.
  4. Increased energy levels: the effects of positive ions in the body are quite enormous. Ever noticed how exhausted you get after spending hours watching TV or using a laptop? This is as a result of the positive ions emitted from those electronic devices. The salt lamp again with its negatives ions restores that energy that was lost.
  5. Helps achieve chromo therapy: Chromo therapy is known as a science involving colors that are used to rearrange body vibrations to frequencies that bring about good health. Now the variance in colors in the salt lamp makes it possible for it to be used for color therapy. The research stated that the colors red and orange salt lamps help work on pleasure and emotions.
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Best Places for Salt Lamps to Keep

  • The bedroom: the bedroom is one ideal place to keep a salt lamp. If could serve as that perfect night light as well as carry out one of its functions, which is to promote sleep. Picking the right size and color depends on the size and interior décor of your room.
  • The living room: the living room is where most homes have a lot of electrical appliances like TV, DVD Decoders, and the likes. All of which help one relax while feeding your eye. Placing a salt lamp in your living room will help balance the ions in the air and make the room look attractive to the eyes as well.
  • Your personal library or work desk: if you have a study area in your home, then reading has never been better with the presence of a salt lamp. You get that relaxed and cozy ambiance while you are reading and breathing cleansed air.
  • The bathroom: this is another ideal place to keep a salt lamp. Nothing wrong in soaking yourself in a bubble bath and enjoying the relaxed and serene background that the salt lamp offers.

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