Best Ways For Proper Waste Management At Home

Best Ways For Proper Waste Management At Home

Waste management is a critical problem for every country. The untreated waste leads to pollution and birth of diseases that affect life to a great extent. Every nation and every household needs to manage their waste properly in order to avoid untreated waste.

There are many ways we can use to manage our waste effectively. One such way is to reduce the daily production of waste. The individual families, as well as organizations, need to decrease the amount of waste they produce every day.

By reducing waste, you will be able to save money and reduce the adverse effects on the environment. This post shares some tips for effective waste management at homes.

Reduce the use of plastic

According to a study our oceans will have more plastic than fish by the year 2050. Plastic dumped into landfills release greenhouse gases that are harmful to humans and animals. Therefore, it is necessary for every family to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible.

You can use paper bags and paper cups instead of plastic and replace the use and throw pens with refillable ink pens. Sip your drinks instead of using plastic straws and carry a cloth or jute bag for shopping.

Segregate the waste

Every family should segregate the waste into two categories – degradable and non-degradable. Use two different dustbins for both types of waste. Put the organic wastes like vegetable and fruit peels, leftover food into the degradable waste dustbin and the plastic, glass, and metal in the no degradable waste bin.

Use composting.

Composting waste is the best way to reduce the amount of daily waste. You can compost all the organic waste such as leftover food, fruit peels, vegetable peels, and garden waste. Households can use the compost as manure for the garden after three to four months of dumping. If every family starts composting organic waste, we can reduce the overall waste by 30 percent.

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Buy less packaged items

Best Ways For Proper Waste Management At Home

Almost every item come packed in plastic or cardboard boxes. The more we purchase, the more we throw the waste boxes. It is better to purchase more and more unpacked stuff such as grocery and general items that don’t require any packing. For example, you can buy the unpacked grocery items like cereals, legumes, spices, and rice and ask the shopkeeper to pack them in paper wraps. Use a jute bag or cloth bag to carry the items you purchase.

Reduce your paper usage

Paper is made from trees and reducing the use of paper will help reduce the cutting of trees. Use online bills instead of paper bills and online mails instead of physical mails. Also, stop your newspaper subscription and start reading online on news websites. Use crockery cups and glasses instead of plastic or paper cups. There are many ways to reduce the use of paper which in turn will help reduce the production and wastage of paper.

Reuse the materials

There are many items such as containers that we can reuse for long before throwing them in the garbage. The container jars, boxes made of plastic and glass can be used several times before throwing them in the garbage bin. However, you should not use plastic containers for long to store food as it can start degrading and leaching harmful chemicals into food. It is essential to avoid plastic and use glass containers for the storage of foods.

Recycle the waste

Not all but some materials are recyclable. The items made of plastic such as computers, electronic gadgets, home appliances are all recyclable. You must provide these materials to the recycling center in or around your city. The government of some cities also offers the recycling pick up services. You can check and subscribe to the service to dispose of the recyclable waste.

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Follow the recycling policies of your city

Best Ways For Proper Waste Management At Home

Every city has a recycling policy that all the citizens need to follow. You must check your city’s website to check the rules to recycle materials in your area. Read the recycling policy to check which items you can recycle and what is not recyclable. Usually, plastic containers, paper products, cardboard boxes, glass, and aluminum are recyclable.

Dispose of the hazardous waste properly

Some items in every house cannot be recycled or reused. Every family needs to dispose of these items properly as per the local laws. Moreover, hazardous waste should also be disposed of only at the recommended facility.

Final Words

These are some tips for proper household waste management that every family should follow. Reducing the use of paper and plastic and reusing the materials can help in the reduction of waste. Moreover, recycling the recyclable stuff, composting and proper disposal of hazardous materials can help manage the waste properly across any country.


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