What Types Of Water Heaters Is Best

What Types Of Water Heaters Is Best

Imagine having a bath with ice-cold water during a winter morning; feel it awkward. Why would you, there is a heater in that can provide hot water anytime you need.

Since its first use, these heaters have developed with technology and offer multiple types depending on your need. If you are interested in knowing about the various types of heaters and which one is the best for your place, have a look.

Storage Tank Water Heater

Storage water heaters are the traditional type of water heater. These heaters are for places where you need high-quantity for water within a limited time.

This system consists of a large and insulated storage tank that works with a heat source to produce the high temperature needed. You can use electric, propane and even oil as a fuel for the heat source. Further, the storage tank is also flexible with different size. The modern version of this tank also has dials to keep temperature and pressure in check.

This type of water heating system is very good at efficiency and provide instant water supply, but it has some limitations. The tank doesn’t have any kind of direct supply and needs manual refilling, especially if the usage is more in comparison to its quantity. Moreover, it needs some time to heat water after the refill.

As for the lifespan, it can last up to 10 to 12 years with proper cleaning and mineral scale removing. Cleaning is also essential to eliminate the risk of corrosion as it can result in collisions of the whole setup. Apart from the cleaning, it doesn’t have any other maintenance issue, but in case you have one, professional services like gas hot water repair Rose Bay are just a call away.

Tank-Less Water Heaters

Tank-less water heaters are somewhat like an on-demand system. They don’t have any special storage tank of preheated water like the traditional storage tank heaters.

This water heater has inlet connectivity that provides a continuous supply of water. When you switch on the machine, its coil starts to heat the water present in its reservoir. This heat exchanger is generally copper based and offers outstanding efficiency. After the water attains a certain temperature the heater stop the exchange. This system helps to prevent overheating and power loss.

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The heating system has a flow sensor that keeps a check on the quantity of water in the reservoir that means it signals the system as soon as the water starts t flow from the outlet valve. These signals initiate the heating element, and the whole cycle begins again, ensuring that you don’t run out of hot water.

Most of the times these tank-less heaters have a layer of protective material that sustain a temperature of up to 1000degrees Celsius. The disadvantages, in this case, are its slow speed, and expensive initial setup.

Condensing Water Heaters

If you have a gas line connection at your place, condensing water heaters are an excellent choice for you.  These heaters have a funnel type setup that uses heat generated from burning gases as the heat source.

This system is very high on efficiency and very low on heat loses. The principle of this heater is pretty simple. It states that when you burn gas to boil water a fraction of it is transferred to the water, and the rest gets converted to latent heat. This energy combines with the vapors and then leaves the system. But, this heating system condenses the water vapors and uses this energy for recovering a vast amount of heat.

This system not only decreases fuel cost but also provide a quick and easy setup.  This system provides approximately 10-12% more efficient than traditional structures. No wonder it is replacing most of the water heaters, especially at commercial places.

Solar Powered Water Heater

What Types Of Water Heaters Is Best

Every source of energy whether it is petroleum, coal or electricity, has its limits. One day or the else they all will get exhausted, and we have to find alternatives. Humans are developing technology for using wind energy, hydraulic energy but the best and most convenient of all is solar energy.

Like other energy, its usage is not limited to large scale setup, and you don’t necessarily need a large structure for using it. So, it was no surprise when the solar heaters hit the markets. These heaters were clean, comfortable to set and very cost friendly in the long run.

The solar heater consists of a mirror panel with black tubes inside it. These tubes form a network for the water to flow and get more exposure to the natural heat. Moreover, their black color helps them to absorb more heat than regular tubes.

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A feed system keeps on pumping water into the setup and maintains the circulation so that you get a continuous flow of water. The feed system also has a safety mechanism to prevent overheating. Some modern companies are also using this system to generate electricity. They fix large tubes with water which produce vapors to run the turbines.

This system is the future of water heater but after human come up with an alternative for some minor problems. For instance, high initial cost and a substitute for cloudy days.

Heat Pump Or Hybrid Water Heaters

This heating system is a unique form of water heater because it doesn’t generate heat. This system comes with an electrical mechanism that helps in moving and receiving heat from an external source. Isn’t it surprising that the exhaust from your air conditioner and refrigerators will heat water for you?

The electric pump can also pull heat from the surrounding areas or basements which make it utterly cost efficient.

The best thing, it doesn’t always need a heat source. It’s called a hybrid, so naturally, it must have a secondary system like an electric heating element. The setup comes with a control panel that you can use to switch between primary and secondary mode. Some modern heaters now have a more efficient hybrid-mode that combines both these systems for really high efficiency.


There are some factors that determine the type of heater that you should buy and install. Factors like your water requirements, energy availability, fuel connections and sometimes the areas rule.

Now that you know all about the various types of heater you can analyze the one that will fit into your space.

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