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solo travelling

Travelling is always one of the most satisfying things to do. The main benefits of travelling are discovering new places, their culture, meeting new people and many more. How about travelling solo? Well, it makes a lot of wonders and more self-satisfaction.

However, the foremost concern for solo travel is safety. But a bit preparation and common sense can save you from every risk.

Now let’s consider travelling alone in Europe. Indeed it’s exciting.

Big advantages of solo travelling

Advantages of solo travelling are many…

  • It helps you to discover yourself
  • It is very, much cost-effective.
  • Your decision is totally upon you.
  • You can make friends easily.
  • You can enhance your wellbeing.
  • It helps to improve your language skills.

Europe is one of the most popular solo trip destinations in the world. Rome, Vienna, Paris, and many more wonderful cities are present in Europe to explore solo. Gerona, Assisi, Porto, the smaller cities of Europe is also exciting to explore.

And the main advantage of Europe is its common currency, no borders which make your travel easier. However, cost, accommodation, and language are still a challenge. Don’t worry, here are some top tips you should check out before starting your trip towards Europe.

Plan your tour first before you begin

Planning the trip is the most crucial part of travelling as Europe is a big place. Plan your trip, considering how much time you have in your hand.

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If you have only 14 days approximately with you, then you should stop at least 4 destinations, as each destination requires a minimum of 3 days standing. Enjoy each location, meet local people and explore each destination.

Now, if you have enough time, try exploring small cities in Europe or France or Germany. Try regional trains to visit, it will be great.

Getting around in Europe

For getting around in Europe, you have the choices, trains, buses, planes, automobiles. Europe is one of the best places to travel with family.

  • Train: Pricing strategy of the train is similar to airlines. Booking earlier will be inexpensive. Check out apps online meant to book train, and they provide exciting offers and discounts too.
  • Flights: Travelling by flights can save your time and help you to get more time to explore the places. But you should always remember to travel lightly. The weighting of heavy luggage can charge you extra cost.
  • Rent a car: To budget your travel you can rent a car. Booking your car for 14-15 days and pay during booking can give you extra discounts.
  • Take safety measures: While meeting with new people, make sure to keep your enough guard up to ensure security. When you are travelling by train in the night, make sure your entire luggage is in a safe place. When staying in a hotel or sharing room with another, ensure your safety first.

Where to stay

You will find many solo travellers renting apartments while on the journey. However, there are multiple hotels to provide you with a relaxing solo accommodation.

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Dine out solo

You can find foods in Europe made with local ingredients, thereby maintaining the authenticity of European cuisine. Chat with local people and know the best cafes or restaurants to explore. There are many restaurants which offer you local magazines with food to reduce your boredom. Choose a counter seat and enjoy the cuisine of Europe.

Travel on a Budget

Europe is an expensive place; however, a bit of planning and research makes your tour cost-effective.

  • Before going to any museum check on which days they provide free or discount services.
  • Use local transport.
  • Change money in ATM or banks.
  • Use the free Wi-Fi to research on the internet.

Final words

Last but not least, spend wisely and travel lightly. Always have back up plan and money for an emergency. Immerse yourself in the experience that you will hold the memories forever with you.

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