The Use Of Ultrasonic Flow Meters Across A Variety Of Industries

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Used to measure the flow of a substance as it moves through a pipeline system, ultrasonic flow meters are now used within a wide variety of industries, thanks to the way in which they have technologically advanced over the decades. 

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See below for some of the most important industries using ultrasonic flow testing technology today:

The petroleum industry

As arguably one of the biggest users of flow meters, the petroleum industry is based solely upon the safe and efficient management of both liquids and gases, for which flow meters play an integral role. Used to measure and record fluid flow at every stage, flow meters help to monitor how much raw material is being collected, processed, and manufactured as the end product. 

The production and processing of chemicals

In terms of safety and to a lesser degree, quality, not being able to accurately measure the flow of a chemical whether in liquid or gaseous form, can have disastrous consequences. By precisely measuring each chemical, flow meters help ensure that the product remains of a high quality and that accidents don’t happen. In operations that are sensitive to temperature, flow meters are even more important. 

Petrol stations

Used in petrol stations to measure petrol and diesel being supplied to customers, flow meters used in this application, need to be highly accurate and extremely robust. 


With a variety of fluids used within the distillery industry, flow meters are typically used to measure, record, and monitor the flow of different fluids, and in some instances, are used to regulate the flow, too, to ensure that the final product is of a uniform standard. 

The car industry

Flow meters are an essential element of any fully functioning car, and help to regulate flow in brake systems and engines, among others. For example, if a car’s fuel injectors fail to feed an accurate amount of fuel to a car’s combustion chamber, it won’t be as efficient as it could, and should be. 

Water meters

Whether you’ve got one at home, or have just heard about them, water meters are not uncommon, and the way that the amount of water used by a customer is accurately measured, is by equipping the water meter with a flow meter. Bills are then generated using the readings provided by the flow meter, and they can also be used to detect leaks or any other abnormalities in the water pipes. For battery operated flow meters, those models that are ultrasonic are typically used.  

This list is by no means exhaustive, and you might be surprised to discover just how many more industries use flow meters to accurately determine and record the flow of a substance. 

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