Rising Issue of Sexting in Teens: It is All about Sex or A Text?

Rising Issue of Sexting in Teens: It is All about Sex or A Text?

In this digital world, parenting has become very difficult for most of the parents. The non tech-savvy parents are having the most issues in this regard. They have no idea of how to deal with their teens and take care of them. Digital parenting is the need of the hour but it is not really easy. We are going to guide the parents on how they can improve their digital parenting and deal with sexting issues of their kids.

What is Sexting?

We all have heard or read this word SEXTING. It simply means to share private images or photos, send sexually explicit messages for urging the other person for sexual intercourse. Sexting has become a common word these days. Every research and a new report on teens contains sexting.

It has been noticed that due to the use of smartphones and the internet, kids use social media and dating websites. On these platforms, they meet the new people. They start talking to them and build relationships. A time comes when the teens meet or date their matches. But before this, they start doing sexting. They share sexually explicit messages as well as share nude images or photos of their bodies.

Why is Sexting a Problem?

A lot of parents don’t know what sexting is. Those who know sexting believe it is not really dangerous but a way to help kids meet new people. Such parents should think twice before agreeing with it. They have no idea how harmful or dangerous sexting is for the kids. It has emotional, psychological and physical harms for the teens and kids.

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It is important to understand why sexting is a problem. When a photo is shared on the internet using any message sending app like WhatsApp or others, it is vulnerable. The person who receives the image can share it with anyone because you cannot really trust them. Such images can also be uploaded on dark web and porn or adult websites. They will lead to further humiliation for the parents and kids. Teens might also be blackmailed with such nude photos. Thus parents should understand sexting is a huge problem.

Why Teens Do Sexting?

Rising Issue of Sexting in Teens: It is All about Sex or A Text?

When it comes to the reasons for sexting, there are many. A lot of teen girls feel pressurized from the boys. They have no option but to cooperate with them in this regard. So they start doing so. When it starts, it is never-ending. Many teens are also worried about breakups. So they also do sexting to please their partners.

Another big and the most powerful reason for sexting is the sexual chemistry of the teens and kids. When two people meet online, they may have the same aspirations regarding relationships. Thus when such people meet, they end up doing sexting. Both find pleasure in this.

What Can Parents Do About Sexting?

After learning how dangerous or harmful sexting is, it becomes inevitable that parents should take some steps in this regard. They should sit with the kids and talk to them about their issues. Apart from this, parents can also useAndroid spying&parental control app to monitor their kids. With these apps, they will be able to do better parenting and prevent sexting.

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Important Points for Teens and Parents

We have learned some important lessons here which are given below.

  • The debate comes to an ends that sexting is more about sex than text. Kids share more photos which are actually dangerous and harmful.
  • Sexting is dangerous for anyone. Teens get the worst effects.
  • Parents should be very careful in this regard. They need to do better parenting so that it can be prevented in the kids.
  • Use of spy apps can be useful because the parents will be able to track their kids.
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