How to Protect Your Child from Bullying

child bullying

No matter how hard the parents try, they cannot act as a shield in between their child and the world their entire lives. One day or the other the child will have to wander out all alone in the world and then there won’t be anyone to save him/her from the harsh realities. Children must be exposed to all the vulnerabilities so that they do not become weak in the times to come and so that children can leave the home as a responsible and an independent being.

At a very young age some of the children at school, playgrounds start facing the problem of bullying and if the child is not taught to face and fight it at an early age then he won’t be able to tackle it his entire life. Parents need to learn how to educate and prepare their child for facing the problem of bullying and the teaching process must be gradual. It is not necessary that your child needs to be a victim first and only then you will teach how to fight against the bullies. As a parent, you need to make your child aware of the situations and the worst case scenarios and how to act in them.

Here are a few signs that will help you know whether that your child is facing bullying

  • Children who low have self-esteem
  • Often makes excuses to stay away from school
  • Tries to avoid social events and prefers staying in isolation
  • Sudden loss in weight
  • Have marks on the body that indicates self-harm (If you notice your child wearing covered clothes

Now, when you have got an idea about the situation you can take the next few steps to help your child against bullying

How can you protect your child from cyber-bullying?

Be aware

To help your child and the issues he/she is facing you must be aware of yourself. Go through the internet browser the topics, read some articles written by child experts and aware yourself to help your child.

Communication is the key!

Communicate as much as you can. The 21st century lifestyle and work schedules do not allow the parents and the children to communicate. Everybody is juggling between work and life and in between that there is no time for family, kids, and elders. When parents are not able to spare some time for their kids then there is a gap that generates and so children find it difficult to share their problems with their parents.

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Monitor Cell phone Use

Bullying now has gone electronic. People who bully have found electronic ways to do so because of its approach. Snapchat, Whatsapp, Viver, Instagram and various other applications have in the past proven terrifying for the young people. There are strict rules in private schools that do not allow the students to use mobile phones inappropriately. If as a parent you are not able to keep a check on the mobile usage of your child then you can at least make sure that at home your child does not overuse the phone. You can involve them in conversations with you, make them talk more about the day. Take them for outings and treat them in a friendly way so that when they come home they feel that they are coming back to their friends with whom they can share whatever they feel like.

Monitor the behavior changes in your child

Act like a responsible adult when it comes to monitoring the behavior of your child. If your child is not expressive and you think he/she maintains distance from you when it comes to sharing personal stuff then make it a point that you keep a check on the behavioral changes of your child.

Take the help of your child’s teachers

Involve them and seek their help because a considerable amount of children is spent in the school so teachers know better what the children are up to most of the time. You will get to know with whom your children are spending most of their time, how they are spending it and what is bothering them.

A school is a place where children get to spend most of their time so they are equally involved in building the confidence of a child by making them socially aware and preparing them for any situation that might create a problem for them.

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A school situated in Flagstaff, Arizona namely Foresight Learning Center understands the need to bridge the gap between teachers and the students which is why they do not solely emphasize on imparting education but much more and beyond that. Because, a school is the second home to a child and if it does not make an environment which promotes happiness, equality, peace, growth and success then of what good is it to your child. Many schools have adopted the holistic, developmental, responsive and pragmatic approach nowadays. So, as a responsible parent, all you need is to choose the right school for your child.

Professional counseling is very important for your child

Schools have professional counselors and parents must take help.

Be situationally aware

Take the time to look around and understand what is happening and start taking a keen interest in the behavior of your child. If you are aware as a parent and an adult only then you will be able to guide your child from fighting against it. Talk more often about the situations that your child might be facing outside home and when you are not around.

If a child is being disturbed at school and is being harassed or bullied then it will destroy the mental state of the child and he/she won’t be able to perform to the best of his capabilities.

To save your child from any kind of bullying you must make an environment for him/her to flourish and make friends with your child or else your child won’t trust you with his secrets. A child is secretive when he starts growing older and if you do not create an environment for your child when he/she will refrain from sharing the secrets with you.

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