Factors To Consider When Finding Melbourne Cup Tips

It is certainly not difficult to find Melbourne Cup tips, but it is important to remember that not all tips are created equal! These days, there is simply so much information about the Melbourne Cup online, and every man and his dog announce their opinion to the world. This is why, if you are new to the world of finding Melbourne Cup tips, you have a proper look around and see what different website’s are saying.

The Melbourne Cup is the biggest event in the Australian horse racing calendar. It is also one of the most bet on events in Australia, and also the world. With so much attention, it is easy to see why so many people provide Melbourne Cup tips, and why so many people are looking for them.

It is always a good idea to have at least a little knowledge about horse racing when looking at tips, this means that you don’t just blindly follow what other people say. You should try to form your own opinion on your Melbourne Cup winner, and then hopefully you will find that a number of experts from high profile websites, back up what you already thought.

So, when looking for Melbourne Cup tips, these are the important factors you need to consider:


The weather is something that is very important, but can also sometimes get overlooked. The weather not only on the day, but in the days leading up to the Melbourne Cup will have an impact on the track rating. The more rain there has been, the heavier the track conditions will be. A heavier track means that there is a lot of give in the ground and a lot more turf will be chopped up as each horse races. Whatever the track conditions on the day, you should look at each horse in the field and see how they perform in that specific rating of the track.

Trainer / Jockey Combos

Other than the horse itself, the trainer and jockey will have the biggest influence on the result of the Melbourne Cup. The trainer is the person who will get the horse fit and ready to race on Melbourne Cup day. While the jockey is the person who will actually be (hopefully) steering the horse to victory. Another thing to look out for is if there are any trainers and jockeys that work well together in the past. Maybe the trainer has chosen a specific jockey for the same horse time and time again, because they know it’s a winning combination.

Recent Horse Performance

An obvious factor to consider when looking for Melbourne Cup tips is to see how the horse has performed recently. Have a look at how many races the horse has entered in their current prep, and where they finished. If the horse has been in a lot of races recently, that could mean that they are becoming fatigued. You should also look at the horse’s performance over the same distance as the Melbourne Cup.


Another thing to look for is the odds. While this may give you an indication of which horses to look at (and the ones to definitely steer clear of), it shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. Anything can happen in the Melbourne Cup, the favorite doesn’t always win (and actually the percentage is lower than you would expect), and horses at $100+ odds have won the great race before! For example, in the 2021 Melbourne Cup, Incentervise was the shortest priced favorite punters had seen for many years, and the horse ended up finishing second.

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