Effects of Listening to Music While Sleeping

Listening to Music While Sleeping

Music is a great therapeutic tool for emotional health, sleep and daily. For centuries, people across the world have been using it as a healing method and getting desired results. A lot of people also trust music when they face trouble falling asleep at night.

Several researches have proved how playing your favourite music at night can help you fall asleep and get better rest as well. Since music can affect our brains in various ways, it’s quite natural for its to also impact our sleep.

In fact, scientists have established long before how our brains are genetically created and wired to respond to music. The tone, rhythm and sound of music can thus affect the brain and the signals from there (brain) can impact the body at different levels and in various ways as well.

More importantly, it’s quite known how our heart rate and breathing mirror the beat of a song or sound of the music. Similarly, songs have the capacity to impact or change hormone levels and chemistry in the body. This is what happens when serotonin levels (happy hormone) grows up in the body.

Listening to music can affect us or our body in different ways, including –

  • Music can help activate both sides of our brain – the left and the right, therefore making us more awake to the problem and boosting our problem-solving ability
  • Music can also trigger the hippocampus in the brain which is the part linked with memory storage and hence, can make us feel nostalgic or bring back memories
  • Music can make us feel relaxing and when that happens at bedtime, it helps in sleeping up early

Naturally, music does affect us at various levels, physical as well as psychological. It’s thus obvious that it aids in sleep and makes us comfortable at bedtime.

Here are some of effects of listening to music while sleeping –

  1. Improved sleep quality

Listening to music while sleeping can boost sleep quality. It can also improve sleep quantity. It’s however necessary to listen to songs that have a soothing or relaxing feels to it, or music that makes you feel happy. In fact, songs that are pleasant can help you fall asleep faster together with ensuring better rest. The effects of music on sleep will be similar to that to lullabies.

The positive affects of music on sleep are something that are proven, and you can benefit from it easily. When you play the music, the melody will help relax and soother you and it will also become a habit for the body to know the time of sleep has come. That’s why some people fall asleep easily as soon as the music in on.

  1. Soothing and relaxing effects

Music has a soothing or calming effect on us on a biological level. It can help us relax and make use feel free of fatigue. It’s however necessary to play the music at beats per minute that match our natural heart rate. Loud music thus can take away sleep. You also need to keep decibel levels in check so that the sweet spot of music can be felt.

With music however, there is one issue – what may help you feel relaxing might not work for someone else in the family and vice versa. The music, the tone, the rhythm, the melody, liked by you may feel grating to the person sleeping next to you as it’s about compatibility with a particular type of music.

  1. Stress buster

Stress is generally the results of uncontrolled thoughts running through the minds. When we constantly think about or over something, it leads to stress. Such thoughts often distract the mind and takes sleep away from us. In such situation, we can use the calming influence of music to keep away those clutter and achieve good quality for out sleep.

If we manage to beat the stress, your sleep quality will automatically improve in the process. The music or the tone will give the brains something else to focus and your distraction will be gone, hence the sleep quality will improve in the process. For precisely that reason, people who listen to music at bedtime fall asleep faster.

  1. Happy chemicals in the brain

Music helps stimulate happy chemicals in the brain. It leads to production of serotonin a chemical that keeps us happy and takes away depression. And when we’re happy and relaxed, it automatically leads to better sleep or it makes us fall asleep faster. After all, when you’re in a happy mood or feel happy, it becomes easier to fall asleep or feel sleepy.

So, could it also be one of snoring solutions or a good treatment for snoring? Well, for that, it’s always better to consult sleep expert and know the right treatment options for your snoring problem.

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