Declutter an Elderly Person’s Home with Clearabee’s Skip Hire Service

Declutter an Elderly Person’s Home with Clearbee’s Skip Hire Service

The elderly tend to grow fond of their living spaces with age. It explains why most of them prefer spending their golden years at home to home care facilities. Several modifications are made to their living spaces to accommodate their living conditions or equipment they may be using to facilitate mobility, such as a mobility scooter. Apart from making modifiable renovations, a simple decluttering project goes a long way in creating a comfortable and safe environment for your loved one. Cluttered spaces pose hazards to the old. For example, a living room littered with pieces of furniture may cause your loved one to fall. Research shows home accidents are the leading causes of death among the aged. They may also develop injuries like head trauma and hip fractures. The guide below explains how you can help your elderly parent or neighbor to declutter using skip hire service.

Install Additional Storage Spaces

If the living room has photos, gifts, and souvenirs on most surfaces, you can set up shelves for storage to create more usable surfaces. Since not all items fit the new storage space, consider buying a skip bag where you can store items your loved one does not want to part with immediately. The premise of creating additional storage is to make more space for everyday use.

Create More Space through Digital Recording

Older adults who have spent decades in their homes accumulate lots of paperwork over time. A home office space quickly turns to a room that stores all such paperwork, which makes it inaccessible. It is imperative to organize such as space especially for elderly persons who have cognitive disabilities. Start by sorting the files and shredding records that they no longer need and create digital copies of data that they may want to keep. Be sure to engage Man & Van clearances for same day rubbish removal to avoid creating more clutter. Clearabee’s beebags come in handy when you want to keep all the waste in one container before the skip hire service professionals to arrive.

Remove or Relocate Some Pieces of Furniture

Elderly individuals accumulate furniture over the years, and it can be challenging to convince them to part with them. However, if the person in question has mobility problems, you should consider relocating or discarding some pieces of furniture that make navigating the living room, bedroom, bathroom or other space difficult. Select the most useful piece of furniture and dispose of those that no longer fit his needs. You should engage a reliable waste removal company to help you eliminate the furniture. Consider hiring a skip hire service that offers safe sofa removal. Whether you are disposing of a simple one-arm chair, a two-seater or a three-seater sofa, you are confident that the company will deliver. Alternatively, you may engage the company’s skip hire service if your loved one has developed sentimental value and wants to keep a few pieces of furniture for some time.

Dispose of Old Appliances or Sporting Equipment

Elderly individuals are fond of holding on to age-old items, including TVs, bicycles, rackets, skis and other equipment that remind them of their youthful years. You should get rid of them to create space for useful items like spare wheelchairs. Since such equipment is bulky to dispose of, consider engaging a skip hire service company to help you. Clearabee, for example, specializes in removing bulky waste, heavy and bulky waste. You only need to clarify the type of waste you intend to discard, and the bin men will take care of the rest.

Ensure Useful Items are Within Reach

Ensure that items used regularly are within reach especially if the aged person has mobility problems. You don’t want to increase his risk of tripping or falling as he tries to reach a dryer at the back of the cabinet. Consider installing functional shelves for ease of access to such items.

Are you stranded on how to eliminate waste after a decluttering project? Clearabee is your ultimate rubbish removal solution. The company offers a range of services, including man & van clearance, the sale of bags, sacks, and beebags. It is also known for recycling 90% of the collected waste.

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