7 Stunning Places to Visit in Asia

holiday destination in asia

When you think of traveling, you always wonder about where to wander. The travel destinations across the world are in a number that will make your life fall short to visit all of them. Often, the explorers are in search of exploring the crucial corners of this planet that seems astonishing. Heavenly hill ranges, Magnificent mountains, Serene seashores, Restless rivers, Beautiful Beaches, Radiant resorts, Mystic museums, and so much more people tend to visit, explore, and experience. We remain connected to this worldly nature by any means, and this nature makes us feel homely. Traveling in the pure air is what a soul’s spiritual needs.

Asia is the largest continent of this cosmos. It has more stunning destinations than no continent can have and has more diversity in comparison to rest all. Asia has a marvelous wealth of travel destinations that are in abundance to cater to anyone’s needs! If you belong from this courageous continent than undoubtedly this article is for you. This list of seven most striking places to visit in Asia will leave you stunned! Unfold this travel treasure at your convenience and visit the most splendid spots for experiencing in Asia. Tip – If possible, do not avoid any of them!

1. India:

India is a supreme country and the heart of Asia. The Muslim Emperor built the Taj Mahal to Solemnize his beloved wife. The monument is a white marble mosque that forms a part of the prevailing seven wonders of the world! It is a must-visit destination for all the world’s people. To add the character to this destination’s visit, you can explore the places like Kumbhalgarh and Chittorgarh fort in Rajasthan, Nandi hills in Bangalore, Nature’s nourishment from the southern regions, Beauty of hills of Kashmir and Himalayas, and many more. India is a one-stop destination for solacing spirituality and rejuvenating travel experiences.


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2. China:

A country beholding one of the powerful worlds’ wonder, China is the neighbor country to India, Asia. The Great Wall of China is equivalent to an extension for about 21,197 km which makes it the only kind of its own, in the entire universe. The Anji Bamboo Forest is the depiction of paradise on earth. The bamboo trees stand tall on the land of China, spreading the green hue of nature. We have Liaohe river with the Suaeda plant on its banks that turns in ravishing red after it grows. The river looks appealing and has a vigorously splendid vibe!

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3. Malaysia:

Well, Malaysia is a country blended with culture and contemporary concepts. It has all from history to human evolvement sculptures. From the tall building to caves and monuments, Malaysia is no lagging behind in richness. The superior touristic attractions in Malaysia are China Town, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Buta Caves, and Central Market. The city site shows the beauty of old pillars amalgamated incredibly with the modern skyscrapers. Kaula Lumpur holds the capital title for this country and is home to the best humanly artificial architectures. Where the sky is not a limit, Malaysia is the place with countless awestruck adventures!


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4. Singapore:

A similar miracle to Malaysia, Singapore is the Asian destination with utmost human beauty possible because of its tall towers, slaying skyscrapers, and captivating constructions. The most popular destination of the city is the super flowed 101-hectare super park known as Gardens by the Bay. It has futuristic views of the Marina skyline. The panoramic Merlion park and surreal Singapore flyer are the breath takers. The Sentosa islands, owned by Singapore, have something to offer to all age group people. If you are planning to witness the glamour of this world than unquestionably, Singapore is your next to-visit spot of Asia.


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5. Indonesia:

Indonesia is littler Asia. The blissful beaches of Bali are the most visited by the tourists of the whole globe. Bali is unarguably the combination of sun, sand, surfing, and socializing endeavors. Gunung Rinjani is a top attraction on Lombok and also the famed Indonesian volcano. Its eruption in the latter 13th century is one amidst the most robust in human history. Mount Krakatau and Mount Bromo are the fabulous landscapes available in Indonesia. The Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia, is the kaleidoscopic exhibition of nature’s creativity. Indonesia foresaw as the best honeymoon destination of Asia, is a heaven of humans.

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6. Vietnam:

The cave of wonders in the Halong Bay, Vietnam is an awful inscription beneath the earth. The caves are enormous enough to shelter a Boeing 747 plane. Also known as Hang Son Doong Cave, it has cable car facilities for tourists. Competing the Niagra falls through its existence, Ban Gioc-Detian Falls is a border to Vietnam segregating it from China. The twiddling waterfalls have no swimming allowance but have insights to make you remain awestruck! The impressive falls are no less than a mirror to nature’s tremendous mighty and an eye-catching occurrence during a journey. Vietnam has a lot more than you perceive.


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7. Nepal:

Gokyo Lakes Trek is an option for people who have already been to Mount Everest Trek. It is at the height of 17,576 feet with countless glaciers and six lakes that formulates the most influential freshwater lake system of this world! The summit of Gokyo Ri submits the neighboring views of peaks of Himalayas namely Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Gyachung Kang. The Phewa lake in Nepal is the second largest in the country. It has views that calm the eyes wonderfully. Pokhara city is the most favorable and feasible tourist city in Nepal. Multiple temples are among sure inviting places in Nepal.


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In a prompt go through, these destinations are away from just a start to your trip. Pack your bags, fuel up your vehicle, take along motocross gear, and go for a journey to one of these or all of them consecutively. You would witness breathtaking countries and cultures altogether at once!

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