7 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting Can Improve Your Branding

7 Reasons Why Corporate Gifting Can Improve Your Branding

With high competition in every sphere, the only edge a company can gain over a consumer is through effective advertising and by building goodwill with the consumer. The one place where both these parameters meet is in corporate gifting. This is a process through which a company gives gifts to its regular or target clients on special occasions (like festivals or the client’s birthday), or on successful completion of a business deal. Often, these gifts bear some signifier of having come from the company, such as a hallmark or an embossed logo.

In recent years, corporate gifting has been a particularly suitable model. In the UK, studies show that it is now a 78.3 million dollar business. Simply put, it has proven to be a successful move for different companies. Read on to find out 7 reasons why corporate gifting can improve your branding.

1. Personalized Service

One way of showcasing the best of what your company has to offer is through personalized service. This can ensure that your client feels as though the company values their patronage to your company. Most Corporate gift items come with personalized messages, or with logos personalizing each item.

For example, your company can deliver a box of chocolates for Christmas with a personalized card. Or, a pen with your client’s initials on it can make a good corporate gift. It definitely helps that through personalized gifting, you can put a good spin around boring, cliche gift ideas without having to splurge too much!

2. Smart Advertisement

A major part of corporate gifting is ensuring that the company’s name is prominently displayed on whatever item you are gifting the consumer. This is because this acts as a frequent reminder to your customer as to where a particular gift came from (especially as corporate gifts are likely to mix up without identifiers)!

More importantly, when your client uses that item in public— be it a pen or a leather bag— the brand is bound to catch someone else’s eye. This is actually the most vital function of a corporate gift: to serve as a quiet advertisement for potential consumers.

Once they know how involved your company is, they will have the assurance of quality services and will definitely turn to you!

3. Good Customer Relations

Corporate gifts are also a great way of establishing good customer relations. To really optimize this, you should not simply send gifts to your clients during festivals and New Year’s. Instead, keep a tab of your client’s birthdays and anniversaries, and send gifts during that time as well.

You can also use corporate gifts to incentivize certain clients. For example, on achieving a certain deal with a client, or if a client spends a certain amount of money, you can give them a corporate gift. Incentivizing a client this way will make them dedicated to your brand.

4. Greater Customer Loyalty

Corporate gifts can work to improve customer loyalty and get more returning customers. Corporate gifts are not always about gifting an item: sometimes, giving our vouchers or discount coupons also work as a great way of getting a client to invest in your company.

By following a rewards structure based on corporate gifting, you can ensure that they keep coming back for more. This structure makes clients have better brand recall of your company. Through word-of-mouth, this can also get more customers onboard.

5. Affordability

The best part of corporate gifting is that it works as a two-in-one marketing and advertising program, with half your business money saved.

Customizing them also does not cost a lot so you can get your money’s worth. By placing bulk orders you can get a number of products with your brand name present on it. So this means you can get good offers even on luxury items like jewelry and leather items. The latter, in particular, is a perfect corporate gift for a valued client, since it is quite easy and affordable to get your brand’s logo embossed on a leather bag or belt.

6. Better Sales

With some smart corporate gifts, you can actually garner better sales. If your company is trying to sample out and test the response to a new product, you can begin by giving out small samples of the products out to your valued customers.

If you are working in the beauty or makeup industry or dealing with permanent makeup, this strategy works wonders, since if the product goes down well with a customer, they will return for a better, larger size. In this way, corporate gifts can work as promotion schemes as well, and ensure you have better sales.

7. Improved Brand Image Through Freebies

Last but not least, corporate gifts can help improve your brand image through freebies. Most customers view corporate gifts as thoughtful freebies awarded to them for customer loyalty and interest. They come to expect these freebies and even form a more positive image of a brand because of them.

Corporate gifts, such as leather bags, leather jackets, leather wallets with corporate logos engraved on them are very classy and help to build the brand image. They even advertise for your company.

Studies find that customers respond better to freebies that anything else, and are more likely to approve of a brand that gives out these free items. With corporate gifting, customer satisfaction becomes significantly heightened, which will cause your brand image to improve.

The impetus of maintaining a good customer-company bond lies in the company. By coming up with innovative methods of ensuring customer satisfaction, you can improve your business and provide a better overall experience. Corporate gifting is one such method. Simply try it out, and you will see how much it improves your branding!

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