5 Cannabis Strains Perfect to Wake and Bake

Cannabis Strains Perfect

All the people who love to have those early morning sessions as they wake and bake, hello and good morning.

There are few things better than taking a few hits from your favorite strain early in the morning to start your day. However, many people who love to wake and bake find themselves struggling to muster up the energy to shake off the need to go back to sleep or continue lying in bed. In this blog, you will know about 5 Cannabis Strains Perfect to Wake and Bake.

Most people new to smoking cannabis are not aware of it, but the strain you choose for your wake and bake session can make a world of difference in how you start your day. When waking and baking, it is a good idea to go for an uplifting and mood-boosting strain that can stimulate your mind, energize your body, and inspire a great start to your day. If you’re not sure about which strain works best for your wake and bake sessions, this post has you covered.

Today, we will discuss some of the top cannabis strains perfect to wake and bake so that you can enjoy energetic mornings with a great start to every day. We will also discuss where you can get your hands on your favorite strain without worrying about the quality of the product you choose.

5 Cannabis Strains Perfect to Wake and Bake

There is a countless list of strains that are popular among cannabis users for their wake and bake sessions. It can be overwhelming to research each one to find out which one might be the most suitable for your morning sessions. Fortunately for you, we have sifted through the most reputable strains to find the best picks to help you get ready to face the world every morning after your wake and bake session.

1. Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai is not the easiest cannabis strain to find, but it is worth putting in the effort to search for if you’re looking for the perfect wake and bake strain to start your day. Chocolate Thai is a land-race Sativa strain that boasts a THC concentration of around 12-16%.

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This is the perfect strain to pair with your morning coffee. True to its name, you can almost taste a chocolate-like scent that gives off hints of coffee. The experience of consuming this strain is best described as cerebral, creativity-inducing, and positive.

2. Green Crack

If you are looking for the perfect pick-me-up strain for your wake and bake sessions, Green Crack might be the strain to get you going in the morning. The Sativa-dominant strain offers up to 25% THC concentration, has an impact that hits you straight away, and lasts for a long time.

The name might seem offputting to many people, but it shares none of the qualities of its namesake. It is a strain that can stimulate your mind and make you more sociable. The fruity flavors you get with every hit will not only feel delightful but also keep you focused and give you the perfect start to every day.

3. Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is another cannabis strain perfect to wake and bake with. The Sativa-dominant cannabis strain boasts around 18% THC concentration and it is ideal if you are looking for an energetic high that will help you get up and running for a strong start to your day.

The bud gives a sweet and citrusy flavor with each hit, making it ideal to pair with your breakfast. The high is not going to trip you out and it will not mellow you down to a vegetative state. It offers the right balance to feel creative and energetic.

4. Pineapple Express

Ah yes, the Pineapple Express. Whether or not you are a weed lover, everybody knows about this iconic strain that was made popular due to the movie Pineapple Express released in 2008. The Sativa-dominant strain rapidly became popular throughout the country after the release of the movie and it offers a substantial 25% THC concentration for your wake and bake sessions.

It is the most subtle strain from our list of cannabis strains perfect to wake and bake. You can expect to feel simultaneously relaxed and buzzed, making it an ideal strain to use if you want to focus on something creative. As the name suggests, you can expect to experience tropical fruity flavors when you take a hit of the strain with hints of pine.

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5. Sour Diesel

Not the most suitable strain for cannabis lightweights, the Sour Diesel is a robust Sativa-dominant strain that packs a serious punch. As its name suggests, the cannabis strain gives you a strong diesel aroma with earthy tones. It boasts a whopping 26% THC concentration and is easily the strongest strain that we have featured on the list.

If you struggle with slow mornings every day and need a remedy for them, there are few strains that can help you straighten up more than the Sour Diesel. Despite its massive THC concentration, Sour Diesel is ideal to help you get up in the morning and get your creative juices flowing. The first time you take a hit of the Sour Diesel, you will find your brain unlocking neural pathways that you never knew even existed.

We recommend this only for the veteran weed smokers out there as the perfect wake and bake strain.

Finding Cannabis Strains Perfect to Wake and Bake

Depending on the cannabis strain you get, you could be looking at the chance to say goodbye to the lazy mornings where you struggle to get up and out of bed for good. You can find plenty of dispensaries selling marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, but the industry is new and regulatory measures are still in their initial stage.

It is crucial to purchase your favorite cannabis strain from trustworthy providers with a good reputation. A dispensary with a well-educated staff will know how to guide you to the best possible cannabis experience to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Ideally, you should begin with smaller doses to see what works and increase the dosage as needed. The bud-tenders at the cannabis dispensary can play a vital role in helping you find the right match for your needs.

ECO Cannabis serves the highest-quality cannabis for medical and recreational use. The company operates with complete transparency and gives you an insight into where your cannabis comes from so that you can enjoy your favorite cannabis strain with the peace of mind that you are getting the best product for your money.

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