5 best foods for sore muscles after an intense workout session

5 best foods for sore muscles after an intense workout session

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Intense workouts consume a lot of energy from the body. And regular gym goers can tell you the importance of a post-workout meal and how this is crucial for determining how efficiently your body recovers from the workout. While dietitians have varying opinion about what to eat and what not to after a workout, the main components required to refuel your system remain the same. Bringing balance to the nutrients that are most consumed during the workout will help you with positive results and recovery. Here are 5 superfoods that are amazing at repairing microdamage. Take these ingredients with you in your workout journey to witness a significant change.

Protein: A dose of protein post workout is mandatory. This is the reason why bodybuilders introduce protein-rich diet immediately after intense sessions through protein shakes. Resistance training breaks down the muscle protein and hence your body is deficient of the same immediately after a workout. By introducing the same through your diet you can help repair and rebuild the muscle fibers which went through damage during your session.

1.Eggs: When it comes to protein there is no better go to source than eggs. This is a versatile ingredient to base your post workout meal on to ensure you provide the body with enough nutrients to carry out recovery. Apart from being a protein-rich food, eggs are also filled with carbohydrates, vitamins, and amino acids. You can quickly whip a sunny side up or add some nutritious veggies, spinach, kale to your recipe for a healthy meal.

2.Greek Yogurt: Spice up your protein shake routine by adding a nice cup of unflavoured Greek yogurt. This is also a great source of protein that can be beneficial for muscle repair and reconstruction. Greek yogurt in enriched with protein and also comes with low sugar levels which makes it an ideal choice for a post workout meal. Add some protein powder, some berries, a cup of Greek yogurt and blend them together. Enjoy this post-workout smoothie brimming with health benefits.

Omega 3 Fatty acids: While adding protein to your body could be beneficial, helping your body naturally synthesis muscle protein is important. A study at Washington University shows that omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial to enhance the synthesis of muscle protein and can also help in the development of young muscles.

3.Salmon: This omega-3 fatty acid rich ingredient with unmatchable flavor and benefits is one of the best choices of post-workout foods.  Salmon can help reduce inflammation in the body caused due to the workout and help your muscles relax and recover. It is also a great source of lean protein and hence encourages muscle strengthening. Cook up simple recipes such as grilled salmon with a dip of avocado and a side of boiled broccoli to enjoy a filling healthy post-workout meal.

Carbohydrates: Your immunity takes a hard blow immediately after an intense workout session and the best way to recover from the same and ensure less damage is by consuming carbohydrates. Carbohydrate-rich food will replenish your body with the energy required by introducing glycogen which gets burned during intense workouts. A study suggests that about 0.5 grams of carbs are plenty for the body to restore glycogen levels to normal.

5 best foods for sore muscles after an intense workout session

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4. Oatmeal: After spending energy on intense workouts the best way to recover from all the exhaustion is to have a wholesome meal which is rich in carbs. Adding oatmeal to your recipe could be a healthy and light way to consume carbs after a workout. This will help refuel the energy in your body and feel fresh and brisk again. This is the best recovery meal you could ask for as it is very light to digest and hence does not consume much energy to synthesize. You can enjoy a nice traditional cup of oatmeal with your favorite fruits cut up which will additionally contribute some carbs of their own. Alternatively, you can try out some exciting new recipes such as pancakes, bread, fruit rolls, etc, that can be a fun way of carb intake after a workout. An occasional can of some refreshing 805 beer won’t harm you, but remember to keep it in moderation.

Don’t ignore fats: This might seem like a bizarre suggestion considering all the effort you have put into losing those extra kilos. But healthy fats can actually accentuate the results of your workout and can also be great for your body. A study claims the same towards consumption of healthy fats when restricted to moderate amounts. Fats may not play a crucial role in improving your results like in case of carbs or proteins. But it can still help you with recovery. Fat is also essential when you are on a steroid based diet to decrease pressure on your liver.

5. Nuts: A handful of almonds or a glassful of almond milk could be the right fat you are looking for your body. It has a perfect balance of protein and fat and hence helps the body get the energy required for muscle repair and rebuilding. Apart from this almond is also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc and could be the vegan post workout miracle ingredient you were searching for all along. Apart from almond, you can also try walnut which is an incredible ingredient for your body.

Time matters

Another important component of post-workout meals that you should keep in mind is when to eat. Waiting somewhere between 30-45 minutes before munching on anything can be good. Till then hydrate at regular intervals to ensure you restore the water lost during the intense session. Also, wear comfortable and good quality gym outfit to make sure sweat gets absorbed. Giving your body the essential nutrients required to replenish and energize is important. These magic ingredients will then take over to help you sculpt your body.

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