4 Reasons Why Pocket Vaporizers Are Better Than E-cigarettes and Vaping Pens

4 Reasons Why Pocket Vaporizers Are Better Than E-cigarettes and Vaping Pens

As a frequent vaporizer user, one can find a significant transformation in the industry of vaping devices. From desktop to e-cigarettes, one can avail all kinds of models according to their efficiency. A desktop model provides the best vaping experience but you cannot use it anywhere because of the large size. This the reason why the sale of pocket vapes and vaping pens is much higher. Although all vaping devices are meant for the same purpose, still they vary on the basis of internal mechanism and vaping quality. On the basis of mechanism, the vaporizers are divided into two categories i.e.

  1. Conduction vaporizer
  2. Convection vaporizer

Most of the portable models come with a conduction mechanism because it can easily adjust inside a small space. From all portable models, pocket vape is a great option to choose. Here are some convincing reasons to prefer pocket vaporizer in priority.

Vaping pens and e-cigarettes

While talking about the most portable models of vaporizers, e-cigarettes come on the topmost position followed by vaping pens. Both of these devices are stealthy, easy to carry and helps in vaping any time. Even one can carry them in the locations where smoking is prohibited because of the elusive design.

Pocket vaporizers

A portable vaporizer is a little bit bigger than pens and e-cigarettes but much smaller than desktop models. Despite having a bigger size, they are easy to carry anywhere. These vaporizers occupy the share in vaping devices market because of the following reasons.

Why a pocket vaporizer is better than e-cigarette and vaping pen?

     1) Large tank capacity for CBD, THC or bud

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The best thing about a pocket vaporizer is its large tank capacity that allows the user to store the ingredients for the entire week. A cartridge of CBD or THC may last for a week that you will never get in a vaping pen or e-cigarette. They hardly server the purpose of a single day. Even most of them are disposable after single use.

     2) Long battery life

Just because of the long battery life, a pocket vaporizer can easily survive for a two or three days trip. Also, most of them are rechargeable with a simple power bank that you carry for Smartphone charging.  On the other hand, the small batteries of portable models have a very short life.

     3) Easily available accessories

The detachable accessories like removable battery, mouthpiece, refill cartridge and protection case are easily available in the market. Most of the vendors provide these accessories through their web stores. However, the parts of an e-cigarette and vaping pen are non-replaceable because of their micro size.

     4) Better quality in vaping puff

The quality of puffs is the main reason why you must go with the option of a pocket davinci vaporizer. Due to the micro size, the e-cigarettes are not capable of providing you a rich puff while inhaling THC extract. You will not face such kind of situation with pocket vaporizers because of their wider mouthpiece and vapors collection space inside the device.

These 4 reasons are enough to explain why a pocket-size davinci portable vaporizer is better than small models. Although it is not stealthy enough to hide, one can easily carry in the pocket and use for a long time without refilling or replacement.

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